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HDL Workflow Advisor

Category: Software
Product Number: AD9361
Software Version: Matlab 2023a, Vivado 2022.1, ADI Tranceiver Toolbox 23.2.1 (in Matlab)

I am having an issue using HDL workflow advisor for my ZCU102 Ultrascale+ board and FMCOMMS2 EBZ transceiver. HDL workflow advisor requires vivado 2022.1 but it seems like the ADI Tranceiver Toolbox requires 2021.2. I am unable to create the project because of this issue. I am currently running Matlab 2023a and Analog Devices, Inc. Tranceiver Toolbox version 23.2.1.  

Has anyone been able to successfully deploy and if so could you please advise. Thank you in advance.

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  • Moving to FPGA Reference designs.

  • Hello,

    At the 1.1 step of HWA, called "Set Target Device and Synthesis Tool", did you check the box for "Allow unsupported version"? If not, please do it and redo all the steps.

    Generally speaking, you can either use the v23.2.1 Transceiver Toolbox Release with the recommended supported tools

    • MATLAB R2023b
    • Xilinx Vivado 2021.2,

    or try using other combinations of Vivado and Matlab, but check the "Allow unsupported version" and make sure that the environment variable "ADI_IGNORE_VERSION_CHECK" is set to 1 (true). You can check this in your command line as follows "echo $ADI_IGNORE_VERSION_CHECK".

    Kind regards,