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Problems about adrv9009_zc706 project schematic

Category: Software
Product Number: 0
Software Version: 21.1

When I tried to study the schematic of adrv9009_zc706,I found there had some units haven't connected to the top design like below photo.I wonder it is working or not?What is their function?

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  • Hi,

    It is no problem to have them like that. They are not doing anything, they are just brought there in case other designs need them.

    In this design, ref_clk1_p/n and tx_sync_0_p/n are used, because that's what fits this FPGA. In other systems, it might be that the FMC pin where ref_clk1_p/n is connected, is not a clock capable pin, so you need to take another one and you have the option for ref_clk0_p/n, which is the same thing.

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