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pmufw.elf not generated

Category: Software
Product Number: zc706


I'm trying to build BOOT.BIN for the ZC706 using the script

The script constructs a TCL script named create_fsbl_project.tcl and runs it us xsct. According to the script documentation, this should create two files named fsbl.elf and pmufw.elf.

In my case, the script runs to completion, apparently without error, but only fsbl.elf is generated. The pmufw.elf file is not generated.

I'd appreciate someone helping me out here!



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  • Hi Iulia,

    It worked! Thanks!

    If you don't mind a follow-up, now that I have my BOOT.BIN, my understanding is that I simply replace the one at /boot/zynq-zc706-adv7511-adrv937x/ (I'm using a ZC706 with 9371) and reboot. Is that correct?

    I assume /boot is on the SD card (is that also correct? Slight smile), so I should back up the currently existing BOOT.BIN rather than overwriting it. If my new BOOT.BIN fails to boot, then I guess I would revert to the old BOOT.BIN. I hope I understand the procedure here correctly.


  • Hi Keith,

    BOOT is how the partition is called after writing the ADI Kuiper Linux image on the SD card (this page has more info on the structure of the SD card). After this, you will find on the SD card, the /boot folder.

    Now that you have the BOOT.BIN, you should paste it at the /boot path. At the same level with the zynq-zc706-adv7511-adrv937x folder. The same thing you should do if you have a custom device tree blob, or a custom Kernel image. If these are not custom, you take the devicetree.dtb from /boot/zynq-zc706-adv7511-adrv937x and the uImage from /boot/zynq-common folder. Then reboot.

    What you have on your SD card at /boot/zynq-zc706-adv7511-adrv937x are the reference design files from the release. These ones better not replace them, to have them for future.


  • Iulia,

    Thanks, it is incredibly helpful to have this kind of fantastic support on my first foray into the world of the development boards.

    If I could impose once more, I created the BOOT.BIN and copied it to /boot as described. However, when I reboot the system it does not fully reboot into Linux, but instead stops at the Zynq> prompt. Could you help me solve this problem as well?