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How to change AXI4 clock

Category: Software
Product Number: ADRV9361Z7035
Software Version: master

I'm creating a design for a carrier (based on the HDL avdrv9361z7035/ccbob_cmos project). The design has multiple custom cores with axi4 interfaces.

When connecting the axi interfaces, ad_cpu_interconnect() assigns sys_cpu_clk & sys_cpu_resetn for the interconnect. I need to use a different clock. How can I accomplish this?



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  • Thanks Lulia for the suggestion. I may find it to be  the best approach. We do have 17 cores to add :-)

    For grins, I am currently trying a different technique: I made a custom version of ad_cpu_interconnect(), where I can specify the clock and reset. The board diagram looks correct, although I haven't completed a build.

    Luckily smartconnect isn't being used at this point in the build; although I can't find where $use_smartconnect is being set to 0?

    There is a lot going on in ad_cpu_interconnect(). Do you see any reason why my approach wouldn't work?