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Character Replacement Bug

Category: Software
Product Number: JESD204 Interface Framework


In the main branch for the JESD204 Interface Framework, there looks to be a bug when turning on character replacement. Everywhere I have read has been saying to turn on scrambling in order to turn on character replacement. However, it did not seem to do anything so I looked into the code. The following 2 lines of code in are in question.


assign data_out = (cfg_disable_char_replacement || !cfg_disable_scrambler || ENABLED==0) ? data : data_replaced;

assign charisk_out = (IS_RX || !cfg_disable_scrambler || cfg_disable_char_replacement || ENABLED==0) ? 'b0 : char_is_align

When cfg_disable_scrambler == 1'b0 (scrambling enabled) data is always used so character replacement is not working. Something tells me this is not the intended behavior.