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AD9361 No-OS custom board with a10 fpga, TX tuning failed

Product Number: AD9361
Software Version: Quartus 18.1


I am trying to calibrate AD9361 on a custom board with A10 FPGA. 

For initial setup, In RX mode AD9361 is tuning for 25MHz and 40MHz but not for 61.44MHz

TX is not at all tuning

What might be the reason for this error.



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  • Hi,

    Ideally the delay for data and frame in regards to the tx clock should be close to none. The tuning algorithm should set the right delays at the ad9361 level.
    Can you add a signal tap and look at the signals? Is there something strange on the tx side. 
    I would suggest to double check the hardware connections as much as possible on the tx.
    - are data/frame pins connected correctly?
    - do you have test points on the FMC doughtier card or an extender/expansion card that word allow you access to the clock/frame/data lines for debug?