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Out of Context Synthesis Explanation

Category: Software
Software Version: 2021_R2


I am building a reference design for the USRP in projects/usrpe31x on the 2021_R2 tag. 

Much of my previous work has been a much older version 2019_R1.

By default 2021_R2 uses out of context synthesis. Out of curiosity I set a flag to turn that off ( after fixing a small bug in adi_project_xilinx.tcl ) and re ran the design.

To my surprise the design failed timing in several places. 

When using the 2019_R1 branch the default is set to NOT use OOC and the same design passes just fine.

Can anyone help me understand what is happening here? Is this a tool version difference or are things being handled differently in the scripts?

I am going to be migrating to a newer tool version and ran this example to look out for any obstacles ahead.

Thanks in advace.