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Suitable Clock in HDL Reference Design for AD9361 z 7035

Category: Software
Software Version: Vivado 2019.1


I need to design a logic to generates data bits on a data rate of 19.2Kbps, for this purpose I need to generate a clock of 19.2Khz to pick one bit at each positive edge, In HDL Reference design I am using Zynq 100Mhz clock to generate a slower clock but since 19.2K is not a multiple of 100Mhz so there comes some synchronization issues. I tried to use Sample clock of 61440000 since its a multiple of 19.2K but it is not a stable clock and I get irregular number of samples when I check it on ILA. Please suggest which source clock is stable to be used.


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  •    I want to generate a generic clock to acheive data rates such as 19.2k, 7.68K and 3.84K , I tried it using 100Mhz clock , but since these rates are not exactly divisible on 100Mhz so exact rates are not generated. For this purpose I needed 61.44Mhz clock. I used div clock but when I visualized results  it on ILA the genrated clocks were not corrected since div clock wasn't stable I guess. So my question is which clock from reference design will be suitable to genrate exact clock rate