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AD7606C-16 Serial Mode - HDL?

Category: Software
Product Number: AD7606C-16


I am going to use the EVAL-AD7606C16FMCZ board in serial mode (using the P2 connector).

The evaluation software is for parallel mode.

Does anyone have HDL/IP cores for the serial mode?



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  • Hi,  

    The serial operation mode of the AD7606X_FMCZ evaluation boards is currently in development, as regards the HDL project, specific IP cores and Linux driver.


    Alin-Tudor Sferle

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    Hello  ,

    Someone else will answer to the first two questions.

    Regarding the last one, ADI employees work on the development of the projects. If someone from outside at some point has some fixes/updates to a project, then we carefully evaluate the PR and decide whether it is relevant to be part of the reference design for that board or not.

    Best regards,

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