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Operating two FMCOMMS8 simultaneously on ZCU102

Category: Hardware
Product Number: FMCOMMS8 + ZCU102
Software Version: 2021_r1

Hello ADI Team,

For a project we want to build MIMO system where we want to use 2 FMCOMMS8 on ZCU102 which will be connected on both HPC's of the board. Is it possible to have such design regarding the available resources of the FPGA board? Is IIO driver so modifiable which can support such system(regarding sync of the RF chips)? If yes, can you give a reference design(HDL + Software) which I can use for the project.

Thank you for your time.


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  • Hello  

    Thank you for your reply. I was reviewing ZCU102+FMCOMMS8 and ZCU11EG+FMCOMMS8 design. In the later one, as it is a custom ADI designed board with MPSoC, MIG controller had 256 bits as AXI read and write data length while ZCU102 MIG had 128 bits. So, I have to consider that if the MIG controller extend the AXI size or not in ZCU102. Will notify you if there is some other HDL questions.

    Thank you.