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Building HDL - Vivado showing hundreds of warnings, is this normal?

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Hi, i am trying to build the HDL reference design for fmcomms5 on zc702 you provide in your github repo. I am using windows and cygwin. While building with cygwin everything is fine, I do not get any errors, please see the screenshot:

I do exactly as you recommend in your online help:

Also the .xsa file is created in the .sdk folder so according to your site, the project build should be OK?

But when I open the "fmcomms5_zc702.xpr" file and Vivado starts, I receive 411 warnings, most of them related to: "IP Repository Path: Could not find the directory 'C:/cygwin64/home/Admin/adi/ghdl/library'." Please see the Warnings-file attached.

Also the TCL-Console shows this:


Why /ghdl/library? I do not understand. I deleted everything and did the build again, but this error still remains, is this normal? Please help me. 

Thank you very much

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    Hello  ,

    Everything is ok if you have the system_top.xsa generated and you have no critical warnings and errors. 

    These warnings that you mentioned, you don't need to worry about. This is something…