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HDL 2021_R1, Vivado 2021.2 Version Mismatch issue

Category: Hardware
Product Number: AD9467_Eval_board
Software Version: No-OS (2021_R1)

Hi Microcontroller team, 

My Specification:

  1. Vivado/ Vitis 2021.2 
  2. hdl_2021_r1 and no-OS (2021_R1)
  3. Window 10 Pro, 64 bit

In Microcontroller, this thread  Generates error in No-OS (2019_R2) using SDK 2019.1 , Your team member  told us that we don't offer support anymore for 2019_R2 in no-OS.

The alternatives for you are: to use master or use 2021_R1 which is compatible with Vitis 2021.1 or 2021.2.

So, due to his instruction, we installed Vivado/ Vitis 2021.2 and git clone the HDL_2021_r1 repository, but still, we are facing the Vivado version mismatch issue.

Here, is the output of the .log file 

Kindly, tell us about the Vivado version and hdl release version which are compatible with each other. 

Recently, which hdl version did you support with Vivado/ Vitis 2021.2?


Abbas Ali

FPGA Engineer 

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