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Minimum Frequency offset for Dual tone CW generation in AD9174

Category: Software
Product Number: AD9174
Software Version: Xilinx SDK 2019.1


I have a requirement to generate dual tone output from AD9174.For that I am using TPL_DAC_DDS(Internal DDS in Transport layer).

I am able to generate 2 tones with an offset of 1MHz(Ex: 100 MHz & 101 MHz) which can be clearly observed in Spectrum Analyzer, However I am not able to get 2 tones with an offset range between 5 to 20 kHz (Ex: 100 MHz & 100.005/100.020 MHz) which is my requirement. I am trying to program them along with the required offset but unable to distinguish them(as I was able to do for 1M offset) when observed in Spectrum Analyzer. I tried reducing the span but never got 2 peaks.

Is there any such minimum frequency offset that the TPL_DAC_DDS takes to generate 2 tones of different frequencies, or its the chip(AD9174) that has some limitations related to this?

I am using AD HDL for AD9174. Mode 8,Dual Link, Ref_clk = 250 MHz, DAC Input Clock = 3GHz,Interpolation = 12, Fout = 1G.I have attached a snap of the part of the code I am executing to generate dual tone using dds.(This snippet is from axi_dac_core.c)

Can I generate dual tone using DAC Internal NCO? or is it necessary to use DDS to do that.



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  • Hi Filip, 

    Yes you can replicate the setup based on our required mode & check if you able to generate 5-20 kHz frequency offset for dual tone out of single DAC core either from DDS or DMA. Please mention the data source and you can also send the data to us, so that we can verify it(If you are using DMA or any external source).

    Can you try the above experiment with the below mentioned frequencies. You can share us the snaps of the plot if you are able to obtain them.

    1. 2560 MHz & 2650.005 MHz (5 kHz offset)

    2. 360 MHz & 360.02 MHz (20 kHz offset)

    3. 4910 MHz & 4911 MHz (1 MHz offset)