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Interface between AD9081 C# GUI and ZC706

Category: Software
Product Number: AD9081

Hi, I am trying to write to a register within the FPGA on the ZC706 board using the C# GUI provided with the AD9081 eval board. All the available methods seem to address the AD9081, I can't figure out how to talk to the FPGA.

I am trying to raise some sort of flag after setting a frequency in the GUI which I can then read to trigger some custom RTL block inserted into system_top.v for the AD9081 using ZC706. I have successfully incorporated the custom RTL into the provided HDL design, minus the flag to trigger it.

For further reference: We want to generate a signal after setting the frequency from the GUI to trigger some timing measurements. We observed that each frequency change generates 8 SPI messages between the AD9081 and the ZC706, so my RTL is generating a trigger after 8 negative CS edges, I just need a way to link the frequency change event in the GUI to a bit change in a register on the ZC706 so I can use that to start off my RTL. 

Please let me know if you need further details on what I am trying to do. Thank you!

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