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creating devicetree for ad9371 and zc706 design

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ad9371
Software Version: hdl_2021_r1

i have been trying to build the ad9371 and zc706 examples included in the GitHub repository mentioned in the following link

I have been facing many issues when I try to build the files manually, especially the devicetree.dtb file. I have been using the following link to create the devicetree.dtb file

The devicetree.dtb file I create doesn't boot the system however when I use the file given by analogue devices, the system boots without any problem. I know for sure the devicetree.dtb file is creating the problem because I created the boot.bin file myself and I am using the Uimage file given by the company along with the default .dtb file and it works fine, but it doesn't work with my .dtb file.

I have checked the boot log file for both .dtb files and they are the same but when I convert both .dtb files into .dts format and check the configuration data there is a huge difference in the number of lines included in both files. My devicetre.dts files has almost 900 lines whereas the company-provided file has 1300 lines of configuration data 

  • Am i following the wrong method to create the devicetree.dtb file??
  • Is there another method to create the .dtb file?
  • can anyone tell me how analog devices create their .dtb file??

The reason I'm generating my own devicetree instead of using the company-provided file is that I want to customize the design to insert my own algorithm into the default architecture of ad371 and zc706 design. I am using hdl_2021r1 version of the repository