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DAQ2 latency for streaming

Category: Hardware
Product Number: AD-FMCDAQ2-EBZ
Software Version: 2019_r2_220331


I am doing some experiments with FMCDAQ2 and the HDL reference implementation (ZCU102 board).

I found the streaming latency from HDL via AD9144 - loopback cable - AD9680 to HDL to be about 400 ns. Is this an realistic value?

The time is measured between axi_ad9144_tpl (outgoing) and axi_ad9680_tp (incoming), so there is no FIFO involved.

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    Jul 25, 2022 in reply to EHeinz689 +1 verified

    Hello  ,

    In my opinion the latency you measured is a reasonable one, as an example we measured the same 400ns round-trip TPL latency for another project with ad9081_fmca_ebz configured on the default…