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pyadi-iio/libiio program AD9081/Ad9082

Category: Software
Product Number: AD9081/AD9082


   I am trying to configure and program an AD9082 DAC on ZCU102.  I am familiar with AD9371/AD9361-iiostream.

But I have not seen any reference libiio code for programming the AD9081/AD9082 with libiio.  I have found the pyadi-iio 

software for these AD908x, but not familiar with programming with it.  Can someone please show me a standard simple way

to program TX output waveform to the axi-ad9081-tx-hpc device, either with libiio or pyadi-iio?  I have tried modifying the 

dummy-iostream.c to push buffers to the TX device, but not sure how to obtain or configure a channel, because AD908x does not

have a phy device.  Also, the iio-oscilloscope installed in the rootfs that came with board could not show the axi-ad9081-tx-hpc menu.

Is that because the osc is outdated?

Thanks a lot in advance.