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Frequency Hopping Example (RX-TX) for more than 8 profile ( adrv9361-z7035 & Adrv1crr-bob)

Category: Software
Product Number: adrv9361-z7035, AD9361
Software Version: HDL_2019_r2

Dear all,

Hopping IP has inserted in HDL_2019_r2 for adrv9361-z7035 and adrv1crr-bob . and I checked for 8x profile (Rx & Tx ) and its working correctly. Each profile covers 50MHz bandwidth ( total 8*50MHz).My application requires to scan wide bandwidth , detect peak and transmit that detected peak . For that it is necessary that rx and tx profile sync with each other . I did successfully for 8 profile . what is the starting point to do this more than 8x profile ? and any literature that how to calculate dwell time for x number of profiles.

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