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JESD204B arbitrary lane selection

Category: Software
Product Number: AD9154-FMC-EBZ
Software Version: DAC-FMC-EBZ


I am trying to port the example DAC-FMC-EBZ hdl project (built for the AD9154 and ZCU102) from the ZCU102 to ZCU104. The main issue with the ZCU104 is that it has an LPC connector so only lane 7 is connected. According to the AD9154 supports JESD mode 10 with a single converter using a single lane.

My question is - how can I specify lane 7 when configuring the AD9154 to mode 10? We are using the SPI PRO GUI tool and it is not clear how to configure it to use this lane only. Is this possible?



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  • Hi Laszlo,

    Thank you for pointing to that, that makes sense. I also see that if we use M=1 in single link mode then DAC0 is the one that is in use. One last question related to this - which logical lanes correspond to which DACs? If I want to use lane 7 for DAC0, what should this lane's logical mapping be?

    For the SPI PRO, it looks like an old Labview-based GUI that was created to control some of your IC's over USB. Here's a picture of it.