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JESD204B/C Link Transmit Peripheral ILAS settings

Category: Software
Product Number: DAC-FMC-EBZ
Software Version: hdl_2019_r2


I am trying to understand the configuration of the JESD204B/C Link Transmit Peripheral and have a question about the ILAS configuration registers' parameter inputs (F, K, N, etc) - is the entry supposed to contain the actual value of the parameter, or the [value - 1]?

What prompted me to ask this is the fact that in register 0x314, bits 28:24 are the 'K' value but K can be 32 which cannot be stored in the 5 bits corresponding to 28:24. If I want to select 32 for this entry, should I be really setting bits 28:24 to 31 (0b11111?) Also, are the other JESD parameters in these registers (F, L, S, NP, M, and N) also required to be entered as [value - 1]?

The SPI PRO configuration tool that programs the JESD parameters of the DAC-FMC-EBZ boards over USB does it this way also (must enter [value - 1].)