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Add ILA in adrv9361-z7035 no-OS project


I would like to know how is the correct way to incorporate an IP ILA to the HDL Reference Design.

In my case, add the ip through the GUI. I then generated the bitstream and exported the hardware adding the bitstream.

My problem is that when I open the sdk and load the project on the board.

The ILA does not appear in the hardware manager.

If you could guide me...

Thanks a lot!

  • Hello,

    If the ILA does not show up in Vivado HW manager this usually means that the dbg_hub clock is not running (a warning may suggest this in the console). you should check the post synthesis schematic in Vivado and see what clock Vivado chose to connect to it. You may want to choose a different one as it need a free running clock to operate. You may also need to start a clock generator from the NO-OS depending on your choice.