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Use external clock in FPGA Design, assure AD3963 passes the reference clock (PLUTO SDR)


I would like to use the clock of the XO inside of my fpga design.

I found out this clock is passed trough the RF-chip XTALN--> CLK_OUT (

1) How do I assure the CLK_OUT of the RF-chip is the DCXO? Found this in the datasheet of the AD9363

Output Clock. This pin can be configured to output either a buffered version of the
external input clock (the digital controlled crystal oscillator (DCXO)) or a divided-
down version of the internal ADC sample clock (ADC_CLK)

2) I found that the CLK_OUT is connected to P8 of the zynq 7010. But how do I include this port in the block design in Vivado? The port is already declared in the constrain file.

Can I just add a port and call it CLK_OUT? Or are there any others steps I should take?

3) Is the clock always passed? Or is it only passed when the RF-chip is in use? (transmitting and receiving).

Kind regards,

Dieter Verbruggen

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