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Controlling GPIO through axi_gpreg using AD9361 with ADRV1CRR-BOB Breakout Carrier


I am developing a program that is required to communicate with some hardware. This means that I need to use at least 8 GPIO output ports.

Currently, I am capable of controlling leds, switches, buttons and 3 GPIO (IO_L02_13_JX2_P, IO_L06_13_JX2_N, IO_L06_13_JX2_P) through the linux driver.

Unfortunately, the rest of gpio is not controllable through the linux drivers. The issues is almost identical to the one described here:  Controlling Breakout Carrier (PicoZed SDR) GPIOs  where a direct mmap to the axi_gpreg is recommended as one that does not require changing the fpga fabric.

I know:

 But I am unable to achieve it as I can not locate the registers in the physical memory of the device (from the embedded linux using mmap).

Where should I look to find the location/locations of these registers?

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Adding some additional info
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  • Alright, after a lot of digging and help from our company FPGA team we managed to locate the register.

    The address information is partially at where you can see the full regmap, specifically axi_gpreg

    As shown the REG_IO_ENG and REG_IO_OUT are at 0x0400 and 0x0404 but this is not the full address!!

    For this specific platform the address is offset of 0x4120 + your reg address for example 0x0400

    So the table should look like this:

    0 0x41200400 0x41200404 0x41200408
    1 0x41200440 0x41200444 0x41200448
    2 0x41200480 0x41200484 0x41200488
    3 0x412004C0 0x412004C4 0x412004C8

    Additionally, if you just want to test that this work you can use the following linux utility: busybox devmem (

    To read the value (read the enabled io out):

    sudo busybox devmem 0x41200400

    To set the value (set first 8 io out to high):

    sudo busybox devmem 0x41200404 w 0x0000FF

    Good luck everyone who had a similar issue!