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AD9684-500EBZ interface to xilinx kc705

I am working on project which I need to interface AD9684-500EBZ board to kc705.

So far, I have developed the HDL code for Kc705 using microblaze PS and ad9684 IP provided by analoge devices github HDL library.

I am intending to use NO-OS version.

When I download the generated files to KC705 via VITIS and read the com port with putty, I receive ad9684 not detected error messages.

I have checked the pin mapping and could not figure out the SPI connection between two boards.

It seems, on the fpga side is using spi and on the ad9684 is using SDIO protocol.

Can someone help on that?

Also, when I use analog device SPI controller software,  it doesn't find any devices. 


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