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Custom board AD9371/xc7z030 not coming up


We have a strange problem and I am hoping somebody will give us some pointers. Also, I am not sure whether it belongs into H/W or S/W.

1- We have a new board we are bring up. It is based on the AD9371 and xc7z030. We started with the xc706/AD9371 evaluation boards and we processed to do the following:

- Removed PL-DDR3 and all its associated IPs

- Removed HDMI and all its associated IPs

All removed IP was done by changing the tcl scripts. The project compiles and runs on the xc706/AD9271 evaluation boards.

2- We then proceeded to modifying the scripts to generate the design for our custom board.

When we run make run, we  do not see the message

Please wait

displayed on the serial port monitor:

This is message at the start of  of headless.c and is before anything else happens.

Our custom board was tested using :

The tests Xilinx provided:

  • Memroy tests
  • Peripheral tests.
  • Hello world

Our PS DDR is 512 Mbytes.

Any pointers are greatly appreciated.