I am new to this forum and I just purchased AD9467 FMC card and connect to my Xilinx Zed Board.
I'm trying to build an application and I follow these links:
2- To run the no-OS application need to:
I had cloned the no-OS repository:
in addition, I had followed the steps from and add the no-OS project's sources located in no-OS/projects/ad9467/src in the SDK Application Project under the src folder as shown here: either by drag and drop or by import sources.
After the system worked as shown in the figure below, I had modified it to capture 12500 simple :
1- To capture the signal by AD9467 FMC card and SoC Board, We used signal generator 1v, 25khz signal
2- I modify the c code from SDK software to capture 12500 simple and send to PC to display.
/* Set the simpling capture per time */
axi_dmac_transfer(ad9467_dmac, (BASE1 + 12500 * 2 * i), 12500 * 2);
3- sampling rate of the ADC is 250MSPS.
/* Set the channel 3 frequency to 250Mhz */
ad9517_frequency(ad9517_device, 3, 250000000);
However, I’m capturing the sine wave signal under the same condition using an oscilloscope and AD9467 FMC card. where the capturing signal was two waveforms in the (oscilloscope figure2_b) and one waveform signal by using AD9467 FMC card.
Please could you help me with capturing the signal under 250MSPS by using AD9467 FMC card and zedboard?

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