Using an external clock with the FMCDAQ3

We're looking to use the FMCDAQ3 with either the ZCU102 or ZC706. However, part of our design requires the use of an extremely accurate 10 MHz GPS Disciplined Oscillator as our clock source.

I see that there are no external clock inputs on the FMCDAQ3 board, but would it be possible to still use an external clock somehow? (for example, by re-configuring the Vivado project to use our clock source rather than the clock that comes on the FMCDAQ3 board). If is is possible, where would you recommend that we start with modifying the design? Is there a certain signal that controls the clocks in the Vivado design?

Thank you!

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    Jul 28, 2021 in reply to jojodmo +1 verified
    Just to ensure that I'm understanding correctly, would this require physically unsoldering the VCXO and replacing it with our own oscillator?


    The JESD204 framers do not derive clocks…

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