AD9467 FMC + ZC706 - 2019_R2 branch


I have a block design and no-OS for ad9467 running on zedboard. It is working fine.

Now, I am trying to get ad9467 FMC on zc706. I have followed the below steps to get the design files  for zc706 (It was suggested to me long back by one of your guys)

"At: you can find the base design for ZC706 without any expansion board. You can start with the system top from that project and add what's specific to the AD9467. For finding the differences you can see the differences between  and

The reference constraint file for ZC706 should be downloaded from Xilinx ( and in the comment you can see exactly at what FMC pin the FPGA pin is connected and update accordingly"

I have no problem with developing the block design and driving it with no-OS, but once I program the FPGA and launch the standalone application, I don't see anything on the serial terminal, not even a  printf statement from the test case.

Thanks in advance.

Prathosh T S

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