AD9250 to AD9683 migration

Hello Everyone, 

As a part of an evaluation project, I would like to use AD9683 ( on its FMC evaluation board). However I could not find any project or and library element with name AD9683. 

My plan is to modify AD9250 to AD9683 as a component and then call it from the tcl scripts (which I will also modify from existing DAQ2 project). So there are two parts to my question:

1- What are the necessary steps to modify the AD9250 component from the library and get an AD9683 component in the end?

2- What are the necessary steps to modify the DAQ2 project to replace the AD9680 there with my new cooked AD9683 component?

(I am doing this to achieve the evaluation project running on A10SoC evaluation kit.)

Any help is highly appreciated!

Best Regards,