ADRV9009 DDS frequency setting issue

Hello buddies;

I am using  an adrv9009 evaluation board alongside a custom kintex k160 board, by modifying original reference design. Everything goes well and is working, however there are some issues:


when I want to set dds frequency using axi_dac_init function in microblaze (Originally it is used in ZYNQ devices as you know) whose default frequency is set to 3MHz, the real generated signal is 1.5MHz and when I set it to whatever like "f" the spectrum analyzer shows f/2. I expect to generate a single tone whose frequency is between - 491.52/2 to 491.52/2 MHz, right?


I am going to inject my own digital signal into the tpl core, in order to this, I deleted dma path and first of all I tried to generated a 2-Lane DDS whose 127-bit data is in this order {I1,Q1,I2,Q2}. Is it correct? (I1 i.e signal_I Odd samples while I2 i.e signal_I Even samples, each in 491.52/2 MHz sampling Rate)

Thank you in advance