Use AD9361 CMOS project with LVDS

I think I know the answer, but I thought it would be worth asking to be sure.

I have a working VIvado project for the AD9361 on a custom board, using the CMOS interface.  I am trying to target a different board and am currently using the Xilinx KC705 with an FMCOMMS3 to develop while I wait on my hardware.  This new boar will be using LVDS (which of course is pretty much a requirement of the FMCOMMS3 anyway).

What I am trying to figure out is, is there a slick way to implement an LVDS input and be able to rip out the "working" project's CMOS, but leave the rest of the HDL alone?

In my mind it seemed pretty easy, but for some reason I started to get into the weeds trying to use the IBUFDS -> IDDR for data and flags, vs the CMOS approach.  I did try to look at the ADI example project and see the best way to port that over, but there is enough difference in that approach that I went off into a whole different rabbit hole.

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