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Multiple ADRV9361 synchronization

Hello. We are discussing the idea of using multiple ADRV9361's to perform a multi-channel waveform processing. We are wondering if it's possible (and what would be involved) to synchronize multiple ADRV9361's to get them to be completely coherent with one another. That is, the ADC samples are internally aligned once digitized, and the DAC outputs are aligned once driven. I guess a simple example would be: If we had multiple ADRV9361 that were driven from a common source, say a pulse-generator, then each FPGA PL logic was programmed to generate 100 us of delay, and feed that into the up-converter, could we get the same pulse on the output to be aligned within the same clock cycle?

Not sure if this is something you can design to be completely static and deterministic, or if it will need a "training" sequence every time you power up.