How to add a DPD module into adrv9009_zcu102 2019_r2 project?

I want to add a DPD IP to the HDL_2019_R2 project of the default ADRV9009_ZCU102 project.

What I want to achieve is that the signal received by ADRV9009 goes through the DPD first, and the data output from the DPD can be captured by Linux and stored in file form in Linux.

Then do some processing on this data and send it out.

I want to know where I should add this DPD IP?My understanding is ....between the rx_os_cpack IP core and the rx_os_dmac IP core? is it right?(shown below)

another question——

If I save the data through the Save Data button of IIO-Oscilloscope, then this part of data is sampled from which IP’s output data of FPGA hardware?

Thanks a lot!!!