ad917x-fmc-ebz reference design on zc102 rev 1.1

I am using the reference design daq2 on zcu102 rev 1.1 board. For this I downloaded the 2021-02-23-ADI-Kuiper.img from

From this .img file, I am using the boot files from the zynqmp-zcu102-rev10-ad9172-fmc-ebz-mode4 folder on a AD9174-FMC-EBZ board.

Q1: Is this SD card image for AD9174-FMC-EBZ consistent with the git repository at for the branch hdl_2019_r2?

Q2: What is the corresponding SW git repository and branch information?

Q3: Where may I find the block diagram (including clocking scheme) for this reference design?

Please let me know if it is better to open three separate threads for this to be answered by different specialists.


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    on Jun 11, 2021 7:26 AM in reply to satadi
    Thanks, Adrian. I think I see my confusion ... when you say daq2 or ad9172 are you referring the two projects daq2 ( and dac_fmc_ebz (, respectively, correct?

    Yes, the DAQ2 project is for the DAQ2 evaluation board and one is compatible with different DAQ FMC evaluation boards, one of which is AD9172.

    I am not sure what you mean by 'when the final image will be available'.

    The 2019_R2 is still in the release phase, it took a long time to get this release done and we've posted a release candidate image instead of the final release image for now. When the final release will be posted it will have prebuilt files exactly from the hdl_2019_r2 and 2019_r2 branches from HDL/Linux. Because the release candidate is from february, we've added some fixes in the meantime on both Linux and HDL side, that's why different SHAs for now.



  • Thank you, Adrian. I confirmed that the SHAs in the VERSION.txt file on the SD card are the ones you mentioned:Boot partition: 2021_02_20-06_24_43

      HDL repository:
      HDL branch: hdl_2019_r2
      HDL git sha: '061d024'

      Linux repository:
      Linux branch: 2019_R2
      Linux git sha: 'a6ef26d'

    I have connected the keyboard/mouse using the usb3-usb2A adapter that came with the zcu102 board. However, I am still unable to get the ref design working on my zync board rev 1.1, that is, I don't see anything on the display connected to the HDMI output (tried both hdmi outputs). Even if the display driver may not work, how do I see a tone coming out of the DAC? I can either use the ACE sw or command line on a serial terminal running on the board to set things up. I will really appreciate if you can point to steps to get the ref design working on my board. Thanks, in advance.