FMCDAQ2 AD9144 ILA error


I am using the AD9144 of FMCDAQ2. I have configured the map register of AD9523-1 and AD9144 through SPI. Successfully produced refclk and sysref.
However, an ILA error occurred during the configuration of the AD9144. I use mode 4 single link mode according to the AD9144 manual.

After reading the 470-473 register, ILA failed many times, although it was successful a few times.

I tried to modify the map register of the ILA, but it didn't work.
I don't know where the mismatch is. Please tell me where the problem is.


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    •  Analog Employees 
    on May 21, 2021 10:44 AM

    Can you share the values of the registers  ? 

    Are you sing linux or no-os ?

    What version of source and tools are you using? 

    Please give more details on what do you mean by "ILA error".



  • I use the SPI protocol to configure the AD9144 register, the value is as follows.I am using windows system, not linux or no-OS. The version of Vivado is 18.2.

    // write
    0x000 81;
    delay 8ms;
    0x011 18;
    0x080 40;
    0x081 00;
    0x12D 8B;
    0x146 01;
    0x2a4 ff;
    0x232 ff;
    0x333 01;
    0x087 62;
    0x088 c9; 
    0x089 0e;
    0x08a 12;
    0x08d 7b;
    0x1B0 00;
    0x1B9 24;
    0x1BC 0D;
    0x1BE 02;
    0x1BF 8E;
    0x1C0 2A;
    0x1C1 2A;
    0x1C4 7E;
    0x08B 03;
    0x08C 03;
    0x085 08;
    0x1B5 09; 
    0x1BB 13;
    0x1C5 06;
    0x083 10;
    0x084 00;
    0x112 00;
    0x110 80;
    0x200 00; 
    0x201 F0;
    0x300 00;
    0x450 00;
    0x451 00;
    0x452 00; 
    0x453 03;
    0x454 00;
    0x455 1F;
    0x456 01;
    0x457 0F;
    0x458 2F;
    0x459 20;
    0x45A 80;
    0x45D 45;
    0x46C 0F;
    0x476 01;
    0x47D 0F;
    0x2AA B7;
    0x2AB 87;
    0x2B1 B7;
    0x2B2 87;
    0x2A7 01;
    0x2AE 01;
    0x314 01;
    0x230 28;
    0x206 00;
    0x206 01;
    0x289 04;
    0x284 62;
    0x285 C9;
    0x286 0E;
    0x287 12;
    0x28A 7B;
    0x28B 00;
    0x290 89;
    0x294 24;
    0x296 03;
    0x297 0D;
    0x299 02;
    0x29A 8E;
    0x29C 2A;
    0x29F 78;
    0x2A0 06;
    0x280 01;
    0x268 62;
    0x301 01;
    0x304 00;
    0x305 00;
    0x306 0A;
    0x307 0A;
    0x308 08;
    0x309 1A;
    0x008 01;
    0x03A 01;
    0x034 03;
    0x03A 81;
    0x03A C1;
    delay 2ms;
    0x300 01;
    delay 8ms;
    0x023 XX;
    0x281 XX;
    0x470 XX;
    0x471 XX;
    0x472 XX;
    0x473 XX;

    The value of the 0x023 is 14, and the value of 0x281 is 0B.
    The value of 0x470 may be any value from 01-0F, the value of 0x471 may be 00 or 0F, and the values of 0x472 and 0x473 are generally 00.
    But sometimes the values of 0x470-473 are all 0F, and JTX and JRX match successfully. I don’t know what exactly caused these values to change.

    The sync, sysref, and refclk signals of AD9144 are shown in the figure