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ADRV9008-1 supported by which families of Xilinx FPGA

Looking for clarification about which FPGA families will support the JESD204B interface with an ADRV9008-1 receiver.

Obviously, the  XCZU9EG-2FFVB1156 MPSoC works since it is with the ZCU102 board when paired with the ADRV9008 development board.

This document:  implies that the preference is to use FPGAs that have GTH or GTX high speed serial transceiver built in.

Would it work with the GTP transceiver available on the Artix-7 series (assuming the desired ADC data throughput is less than the max supported by GTP)? 

If so, is the penalty just bandwidth and performance (jitter)?


  • Hello,

    At this point we haven't implemented support for GTP transceivers in the physical layer of the JESD204 Interface Framework, that's why we don't support Artix devices. We have a plan to implement support, but it's among a larger list and we don't know exactly when we'll have it available. To my knowledge the GTP transceiver need a slightly different system architecture than the GTX ones, but I suppose the only limitation would be related to maximum bandwidth available. Given that we haven't implemented support, this is more of a theoretical discussion. I think Xilinx may be able to give a more detailed response regarding transceiver limitations.



  • So the answer is that GTP could theoretically be supported, but there is not currently support for it right now.

    Is it a generally true statement for most (all?) high speed ADCs, DACs, and wideband transceivers requiring JESD204B that they require the higher speed GTX and faster serdes?

    Thanks for the clarification.


  • The GTP transceiver have a maximum rate up to 6.6Gsps and  Artix devices in general have a low number of transceiver banks/pins. Depending on the part, 6.6 GSPS and 2/4 lanes may not be enough to transfer data at the maximum bandwidth supported. If the datarate and available number of lanes are enough for a specific application, I don't see why it wouldn't work. 

    The AC701 development board has only two GTP transceivers populated in the FMC connector.

    Xilinx JESD204B IP supports Artix devices, it's just we don't have a reference design for it and it's not part of the ADI JESD204 Interface Framework (