AD936x SOM & BOB documentation conflict

My customer noticed some discrepancies between the AD9361-z7035 SOM Rev F files that have been uploaded to the Wiki:

It seems that the Allegro board file had a couple of subtle differences from a SoM I checked it against which I understood to be a Rev F board. On our board the part number that is written on the bottom copper under the RF connectors is written in a single long line, but in the Allegro board file it is split across two lines. We were also unable to locate R5 on our board (there's a space where it was in previous versions), but it is still present in the Rev F schematic.

This discrepancy worries them.  Please can we get the latest documents, with the discrepancy resolved.

Further, they found some discrepancies between the files for the Breakout Carrier (BOB):

Their Breakout carriers have the part number "PZSDRCC-BRK-PCB-C" etched into the top copper, which is the same as the gerber files. The Allegro board files are different, they say "AES-PZSDRCC-BRK-G". Their boards have an SMA connector footprint behind the ethernet connector for external clock input labelled AD9361_CLK, which is connected to JX4 pin 63. The gerber file confirms this but it is missing from the Allegro board file and the schematic shows JX4 pin 63 as not connected.

They are using the BOB as a reference for their own carrier board.  They are aiming for a right first time design.

Please can you share the latest documents, with the discrepancy resolved?