Custom board with 2 AD9361 and problem with IODELAY GROUP


My team and I plan to connect our own RF board containing two AD9361 used only for their RX pins to a ZC706 platform. However compared to the FMCOMMS3 board in which each of the AD9361 is connected to a different FMC Connector, we use only one FMC connector. I used the design provided by AD for ZC706, but when I changed the pinouts to match my board (see enf of the post), I have the following error : 

I saw one of the topics that mentionned the patch : ad9361_iodelay_ctrl.patch and I did the modification described in it. But I ended up with this error : 

Can you please help me find a solution ?

Thanks in advance ! 

PS : Here is the pinout I used : 

# constraints
# ad9361

set_property -dict {PACKAGE_PIN AG17 IOSTANDARD LVDS_25 DIFF_TERM TRUE} [get_ports h125_p] ; ## H4 FMC_LPC_CLK0_M2C_P
set_property -dict {PACKAGE_PIN AG16 IOSTANDARD LVDS_25 DIFF_TERM TRUE} [get_ports h125_n] ; ## H5 FMC_LPC_CLK0_M2C_N

set_property -dict {PACKAGE_PIN AE13 IOSTANDARD LVDS_25 DIFF_TERM TRUE} [get_ports rx_clk_in_0_p] ; ## G6 FMC_LPC_LA00_CC_P
set_property -dict {PACKAGE_PIN AF13 IOSTANDARD LVDS_25 DIFF_TERM TRUE} [get_ports rx_clk_in_0_n] ; ## G7 FMC_LPC_LA00_CC_N
set_property -dict {PACKAGE_PIN AF15 IOSTANDARD LVDS_25 DIFF_TERM TRUE} [get_ports rx_frame_in_0_p] ; ## D8 FMC_LPC_LA01_CC_P
set_property -dict {PACKAGE_PIN AG15 IOSTANDARD LVDS_25 DIFF_TERM TRUE} [get_ports rx_frame_in_0_n] ; ## D9 FMC_LPC_LA01_CC_N
set_property -dict {PACKAGE_PIN AE12 IOSTANDARD LVDS_25 DIFF_TERM TRUE} [get_ports rx_data_in_0_p[0]] ; ## H7 FMC_LPC_LA02_P
set_property -dict {PACKAGE_PIN AF12 IOSTANDARD LVDS_25 DIFF_TERM TRUE} [get_ports rx_data_in_0_n[0]] ; ## H8 FMC_LPC_LA02_N
set_property -dict {PACKAGE_PIN AG12 IOSTANDARD LVDS_25 DIFF_TERM TRUE} [get_ports rx_data_in_0_p[1]] ; ## G9 FMC_LPC_LA03_P
set_property -dict {PACKAGE_PIN AH12 IOSTANDARD LVDS_25 DIFF_TERM TRUE} [get_ports rx_data_in_0_n[1]] ; ## G10 FMC_LPC_LA03_N
set_property -dict {PACKAGE_PIN AJ15 IOSTANDARD LVDS_25 DIFF_TERM TRUE} [get_ports rx_data_in_0_p[2]] ; ## H10 FMC_LPC_LA04_P
set_property -dict {PACKAGE_PIN AK15 IOSTANDARD LVDS_25 DIFF_TERM TRUE} [get_ports rx_data_in_0_n[2]] ; ## H11 FMC_LPC_LA04_N
set_property -dict {PACKAGE_PIN AE16 IOSTANDARD LVDS_25 DIFF_TERM TRUE} [get_ports rx_data_in_0_p[3]] ; ## D11 FMC_LPC_LA05_P
set_property -dict {PACKAGE_PIN AE15 IOSTANDARD LVDS_25 DIFF_TERM TRUE} [get_ports rx_data_in_0_n[3]] ; ## D12 FMC_LPC_LA05_N
set_property -dict {PACKAGE_PIN AB12 IOSTANDARD LVDS_25 DIFF_TERM TRUE} [get_ports rx_data_in_0_p[4]] ; ## C10 FMC_LPC_LA06_P
set_property -dict {PACKAGE_PIN AC12 IOSTANDARD LVDS_25 DIFF_TERM TRUE} [get_ports rx_data_in_0_n[4]] ; ## C11 FMC_LPC_LA06_N
set_property -dict {PACKAGE_PIN AA15 IOSTANDARD LVDS_25 DIFF_TERM TRUE} [get_ports rx_data_in_0_p[5]] ; ## H13 FMC_LPC_LA07_P
set_property -dict {PACKAGE_PIN AA14 IOSTANDARD LVDS_25 DIFF_TERM TRUE} [get_ports rx_data_in_0_n[5]] ; ## H14 FMC_LPC_LA07_N

set_property -dict {PACKAGE_PIN AD14 IOSTANDARD LVDS_25 DIFF_TERM TRUE} [get_ports rx_clk_in_1_p] ; ## G12 FMC_LPC_LA08_P
set_property -dict {PACKAGE_PIN AD13 IOSTANDARD LVDS_25 DIFF_TERM TRUE} [get_ports rx_clk_in_1_n] ; ## G13 FMC_LPC_LA08_N
set_property -dict {PACKAGE_PIN AH14 IOSTANDARD LVDS_25 DIFF_TERM TRUE} [get_ports rx_frame_in_1_p] ; ## D14 FMC_LPC_LA09_P
set_property -dict {PACKAGE_PIN AH13 IOSTANDARD LVDS_25 DIFF_TERM TRUE} [get_ports rx_frame_in_1_n] ; ## D15 FMC_LPC_LA09_N
set_property -dict {PACKAGE_PIN AJ16 IOSTANDARD LVDS_25 DIFF_TERM TRUE} [get_ports rx_data_in_1_p[0]] ; ## H16 FMC_LPC_LA11_P
set_property -dict {PACKAGE_PIN AK16 IOSTANDARD LVDS_25 DIFF_TERM TRUE} [get_ports rx_data_in_1_n[0]] ; ## H17 FMC_LPC_LA11_N
set_property -dict {PACKAGE_PIN AD16 IOSTANDARD LVDS_25 DIFF_TERM TRUE} [get_ports rx_data_in_1_p[1]] ; ## G15 FMC_LPC_LA12_P
set_property -dict {PACKAGE_PIN AD15 IOSTANDARD LVDS_25 DIFF_TERM TRUE} [get_ports rx_data_in_1_n[1]] ; ## G16 FMC_LPC_LA12_N
set_property -dict {PACKAGE_PIN AH17 IOSTANDARD LVDS_25 DIFF_TERM TRUE} [get_ports rx_data_in_1_p[2]] ; ## D17 FMC_LPC_LA13_P
set_property -dict {PACKAGE_PIN AH16 IOSTANDARD LVDS_25 DIFF_TERM TRUE} [get_ports rx_data_in_1_n[2]] ; ## D18 FMC_LPC_LA13_N
set_property -dict {PACKAGE_PIN AC14 IOSTANDARD LVDS_25 DIFF_TERM TRUE} [get_ports rx_data_in_1_p[4]] ; ## C14 FMC_LPC_LA10_P
set_property -dict {PACKAGE_PIN AC13 IOSTANDARD LVDS_25 DIFF_TERM TRUE} [get_ports rx_data_in_1_n[4]] ; ## C15 FMC_LPC_LA10_N
set_property -dict {PACKAGE_PIN AF18 IOSTANDARD LVDS_25 DIFF_TERM TRUE} [get_ports rx_data_in_1_p[3]] ; ## C18 FMC_LPC_LA14_P
set_property -dict {PACKAGE_PIN AF17 IOSTANDARD LVDS_25 DIFF_TERM TRUE} [get_ports rx_data_in_1_n[3]] ; ## C19 FMC_LPC_LA14_N
set_property -dict {PACKAGE_PIN AB15 IOSTANDARD LVDS_25 DIFF_TERM TRUE} [get_ports rx_data_in_1_p[5]] ; ## H19 FMC_LPC_LA15_P
set_property -dict {PACKAGE_PIN AB14 IOSTANDARD LVDS_25 DIFF_TERM TRUE} [get_ports rx_data_in_1_n[5]] ; ## H20 FMC_LPC_LA15_N
set_property -dict {PACKAGE_PIN AE18 IOSTANDARD LVCMOS25} [get_ports enable_0] ; ## G18 FMC_LPC_LA16_P
set_property -dict {PACKAGE_PIN AF27 IOSTANDARD LVCMOS25} [get_ports enable_1] ; ## C23 FMC_LPC_LA18_CC_N
set_property -dict {PACKAGE_PIN AE17 IOSTANDARD LVCMOS25} [get_ports txnrx_0] ; ## G19 FMC_LPC_LA16_N
set_property -dict {PACKAGE_PIN AF29 IOSTANDARD LVCMOS25} [get_ports txnrx_1] ; ## G27 FMC_LPC_LA25_P

set_property -dict {PACKAGE_PIN AG26 IOSTANDARD LVCMOS25} [get_ports gpio_ctl_0[0]] ; ## G21 FMC_LPC_LA20_P
set_property -dict {PACKAGE_PIN AG27 IOSTANDARD LVCMOS25} [get_ports gpio_ctl_0[1]] ; ## G22 FMC_LPC_LA20_N
set_property -dict {PACKAGE_PIN AH28 IOSTANDARD LVCMOS25} [get_ports gpio_ctl_0[2]] ; ## H25 FMC_LPC_LA21_P
set_property -dict {PACKAGE_PIN AH29 IOSTANDARD LVCMOS25} [get_ports gpio_ctl_0[3]] ; ## H26 FMC_LPC_LA21_N
set_property -dict {PACKAGE_PIN AK27 IOSTANDARD LVCMOS25} [get_ports gpio_ctl_1[0]] ; ## G24 FMC_LPC_LA22_P
set_property -dict {PACKAGE_PIN AK28 IOSTANDARD LVCMOS25} [get_ports gpio_ctl_1[1]] ; ## G25 FMC_LPC_LA22_N
set_property -dict {PACKAGE_PIN AJ26 IOSTANDARD LVCMOS25} [get_ports gpio_ctl_1[2]] ; ## D23 FMC_LPC_LA23_P
set_property -dict {PACKAGE_PIN AK26 IOSTANDARD LVCMOS25} [get_ports gpio_ctl_1[3]] ; ## D24 FMC_LPC_LA23_N

set_property -dict {PACKAGE_PIN AH27 IOSTANDARD LVCMOS25} [get_ports gpio_sync] ; ## H23 FMC_LPC_LA19_N
set_property -dict {PACKAGE_PIN AD25 IOSTANDARD LVCMOS25} [get_ports gpio_resetb_0] ; ## H31 FMC_LPC_LA28_P

set_property -dict {PACKAGE_PIN AJ30 IOSTANDARD LVCMOS25 PULLTYPE PULLUP} [get_ports spi_ad9361_0] ; ## D26 FMC_LPC_LA26_P
set_property -dict {PACKAGE_PIN AE27 IOSTANDARD LVCMOS25 PULLTYPE PULLUP} [get_ports spi_ad9361_1] ; ## C22 FMC_LPC_LA18_CC_N
set_property -dict {PACKAGE_PIN AK30 IOSTANDARD LVCMOS25} [get_ports spi_clk] ; ## D27 FMC_LPC_LA26_N
set_property -dict {PACKAGE_PIN AJ28 IOSTANDARD LVCMOS25} [get_ports spi_mosi] ; ## C26 FMC_LPC_LA27_P
set_property -dict {PACKAGE_PIN AJ29 IOSTANDARD LVCMOS25} [get_ports spi_miso] ; ## C27 FMC_LPC_LA27_N

# clocks

create_clock -name rx_0_clk -period 4.00 [get_ports rx_clk_in_0_p]
create_clock -name rx_1_clk -period 4.00 [get_ports rx_clk_in_1_p]
create_clock -name ad9361_clk -period 4.00 [get_pins i_system_wrapper/system_i/axi_ad9361_0/clk]

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Apr 8, 2021 1:57 PM

    You will likely need to disconnect the the delay_rst signal in the IP that has IODELAY_CTRL  set to 0 and route it from the IP that has the IODELAY_CTRL set to 1.  

    What version of Vivado are you using?


  • Actually I don't really know where to look in order to answer your question. I used the design provided by AD and it seems in what I can see that there is only one delay_rst signal everywhere.. Do you know where I can look ? 

  • So basically, I have to do the modifications as described in the patch but create two IODELAY_CTRL parameters, one equal to 1 and the other equal to 0 ? IODELAY_CTRL_0 for one of the IP and IODELAY_CTRL_1 for the other IP ? Is that correct ? 

  • No, actually, I dont see where I can set two different IODELAY_CTRL. Here is my axi_ad9361.v code for example...


    // ***************************************************************************
    // ***************************************************************************
    // Copyright 2014 - 2017 (c) Analog Devices, Inc. All rights reserved.
    // In this HDL repository, there are many different and unique modules, consisting
    // of various HDL (Verilog or VHDL) components. The individual modules are
    // developed independently, and may be accompanied by separate and unique license
    // terms.
    // The user should read each of these license terms, and understand the
    // freedoms and responsibilities that he or she has by using this source/core.
    // This core is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY
    // WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR
    // Redistribution and use of source or resulting binaries, with or without modification
    // of this file, are permitted under one of the following two license terms:
    //   1. The GNU General Public License version 2 as published by the
    //      Free Software Foundation, which can be found in the top level directory
    //      of this repository (LICENSE_GPL2), and also online at:
    //      <>
    // OR
    //   2. An ADI specific BSD license, which can be found in the top level directory
    //      of this repository (LICENSE_ADIBSD), and also on-line at:
    //      This will allow to generate bit files and not release the source code,
    //      as long as it attaches to an ADI device.
    // ***************************************************************************
    // ***************************************************************************
    `timescale 1ns/100ps
    module axi_ad9361 #(
      // parameters
      parameter   ID = 0,
      parameter   MODE_1R1T = 0,
      parameter   DEVICE_TYPE = 0,
      parameter   TDD_DISABLE = 0,
      parameter   PPS_RECEIVER_ENABLE = 0,
      parameter   CMOS_OR_LVDS_N = 0,
      parameter   ADC_INIT_DELAY = 0,
      parameter   ADC_DATAPATH_DISABLE = 0,
      parameter   ADC_USERPORTS_DISABLE = 0,
      parameter   ADC_DATAFORMAT_DISABLE = 0,
      parameter   ADC_DCFILTER_DISABLE = 0,
      parameter   ADC_IQCORRECTION_DISABLE = 0,
      parameter   DAC_INIT_DELAY = 0,
      parameter   DAC_CLK_EDGE_SEL = 0,
      parameter   DAC_IODELAY_ENABLE = 0,
      parameter   DAC_DATAPATH_DISABLE = 0,
      parameter   DAC_DDS_DISABLE = 0,
      parameter   DAC_DDS_TYPE = 1,
      parameter   DAC_DDS_CORDIC_DW = 14,
      parameter   DAC_DDS_CORDIC_PHASE_DW = 13,
      parameter   DAC_USERPORTS_DISABLE = 0,
      parameter   DAC_IQCORRECTION_DISABLE = 0,
      parameter   IO_DELAY_GROUP = "dev_if_delay_group") (
      // physical interface (receive-lvds)
      input           rx_clk_in_p,
      input           rx_clk_in_n,
      input           rx_frame_in_p,
      input           rx_frame_in_n,
      input   [ 5:0]  rx_data_in_p,
      input   [ 5:0]  rx_data_in_n,
      // physical interface (receive-cmos)
      input           rx_clk_in,
      input           rx_frame_in,
      input   [11:0]  rx_data_in,
      // physical interface (transmit-lvds)
      output          tx_clk_out_p,
      output          tx_clk_out_n,
      output          tx_frame_out_p,
      output          tx_frame_out_n,
      output  [ 5:0]  tx_data_out_p,
      output  [ 5:0]  tx_data_out_n,
      // physical interface (transmit-cmos)
      output          tx_clk_out,
      output          tx_frame_out,
      output  [11:0]  tx_data_out,
      // ensm control
      output          enable,
      output          txnrx,
      // transmit master/slave
      input           dac_sync_in,
      output          dac_sync_out,
      // tdd sync
      input           tdd_sync,
      output          tdd_sync_cntr,
      input           gps_pps,
      output          gps_pps_irq,
      // delay clock
      input           delay_clk,
      // master interface
      output          l_clk,
      input           clk,
      output          rst,
      // dma interface
      output          adc_enable_i0,
      output          adc_valid_i0,
      output  [15:0]  adc_data_i0,
      output          adc_enable_q0,
      output          adc_valid_q0,
      output  [15:0]  adc_data_q0,
      output          adc_enable_i1,
      output          adc_valid_i1,
      output  [15:0]  adc_data_i1,
      output          adc_enable_q1,
      output          adc_valid_q1,
      output  [15:0]  adc_data_q1,
      input           adc_dovf,
      output          adc_r1_mode,
      output          dac_enable_i0,
      output          dac_valid_i0,
      input   [15:0]  dac_data_i0,
      output          dac_enable_q0,
      output          dac_valid_q0,
      input   [15:0]  dac_data_q0,
      output          dac_enable_i1,
      output          dac_valid_i1,
      input   [15:0]  dac_data_i1,
      output          dac_enable_q1,
      output          dac_valid_q1,
      input   [15:0]  dac_data_q1,
      input           dac_dunf,
      output          dac_r1_mode,
      // axi interface
      input           s_axi_aclk,
      input           s_axi_aresetn,
      input           s_axi_awvalid,
      input   [15:0]  s_axi_awaddr,
      input   [ 2:0]  s_axi_awprot,
      output          s_axi_awready,
      input           s_axi_wvalid,
      input   [31:0]  s_axi_wdata,
      input   [ 3:0]  s_axi_wstrb,
      output          s_axi_wready,
      output          s_axi_bvalid,
      output  [ 1:0]  s_axi_bresp,
      input           s_axi_bready,
      input           s_axi_arvalid,
      input   [15:0]  s_axi_araddr,
      input   [ 2:0]  s_axi_arprot,
      output          s_axi_arready,
      output          s_axi_rvalid,
      output  [31:0]  s_axi_rdata,
      output  [ 1:0]  s_axi_rresp,
      input           s_axi_rready,
      // gpio
      input           up_enable,
      input           up_txnrx,
      input   [31:0]  up_dac_gpio_in,
      output  [31:0]  up_dac_gpio_out,
      input   [31:0]  up_adc_gpio_in,
      output  [31:0]  up_adc_gpio_out);
      // derived parameters
      localparam  DAC_DELAYCNTRL_DISABLE_INT = (DAC_IODELAY_ENABLE == 1) ? 0 : 1;
      // internal registers
      reg             adc_valid_i0_int = 'd0;
      reg             adc_valid_q0_int = 'd0;
      reg             adc_valid_i1_int = 'd0;
      reg             adc_valid_q1_int = 'd0;
      reg     [15:0]  adc_data_i0_int = 'd0;
      reg     [15:0]  adc_data_q0_int = 'd0;
      reg     [15:0]  adc_data_i1_int = 'd0;
      reg     [15:0]  adc_data_q1_int = 'd0;
      reg             dac_valid_i0_int = 'd0;
      reg             dac_valid_q0_int = 'd0;
      reg             dac_valid_i1_int = 'd0;
      reg             dac_valid_q1_int = 'd0;
      reg             up_wack = 'd0;
      reg             up_rack = 'd0;
      reg     [31:0]  up_rdata = 'd0;
      // internal clocks and resets
      wire            up_clk;
      wire            up_rstn;
      wire            mmcm_rst;
      wire            delay_rst;
      // internal signals
      wire            adc_ddr_edgesel_s;
      wire            adc_valid_s;
      wire            adc_valid_i0_s;
      wire            adc_valid_q0_s;
      wire            adc_valid_i1_s;
      wire            adc_valid_q1_s;
      wire    [15:0]  adc_data_i0_s;
      wire    [15:0]  adc_data_q0_s;
      wire    [15:0]  adc_data_i1_s;
      wire    [15:0]  adc_data_q1_s;
      wire    [47:0]  adc_data_s;
      wire            adc_status_s;
      wire            dac_clksel_s;
      wire            dac_valid_s;
      wire    [47:0]  dac_data_s;
      wire            dac_valid_i0_s;
      wire            dac_valid_q0_s;
      wire            dac_valid_i1_s;
      wire            dac_valid_q1_s;
      wire            dac_data_i0_s;
      wire            dac_data_q0_s;
      wire            dac_data_i1_s;
      wire            dac_data_q1_s;
      wire    [12:0]  up_adc_dld_s;
      wire    [64:0]  up_adc_dwdata_s;
      wire    [64:0]  up_adc_drdata_s;
      wire    [15:0]  up_dac_dld_s;
      wire    [79:0]  up_dac_dwdata_s;
      wire    [79:0]  up_dac_drdata_s;
      wire            delay_locked_s;
      wire            up_wreq_s;
      wire    [13:0]  up_waddr_s;
      wire    [31:0]  up_wdata_s;
      wire            up_wack_rx_s;
      wire            up_wack_tx_s;
      wire            up_rreq_s;
      wire    [13:0]  up_raddr_s;
      wire    [31:0]  up_rdata_rx_s;
      wire            up_rack_rx_s;
      wire    [31:0]  up_rdata_tx_s;
      wire            up_rack_tx_s;
      wire            up_wack_tdd_s;
      wire            up_rack_tdd_s;
      wire    [31:0]  up_rdata_tdd_s;
      wire            tdd_enable_s;
      wire            tdd_txnrx_s;
      wire            tdd_mode_s;
      wire            tdd_tx_valid_s;
      wire            tdd_rx_valid_s;
      wire            tdd_rx_vco_en_s;
      wire            tdd_tx_vco_en_s;
      wire            tdd_rx_rf_en_s;
      wire            tdd_tx_rf_en_s;
      wire    [ 7:0]  tdd_status_s;
      wire            up_drp_sel;
      wire            up_drp_wr;
      wire    [11:0]  up_drp_addr;
      wire    [31:0]  up_drp_wdata;
      wire    [31:0]  up_drp_rdata;
      wire            up_drp_ready;
      wire            up_drp_locked;
      wire    [31:0]  up_pps_rcounter_s;
      wire            up_pps_status_s;
      wire            up_irq_mask_s;
      wire            adc_up_pps_irq_mask_s;
      wire            dac_up_pps_irq_mask_s;
      // signal name changes
      assign up_clk = s_axi_aclk;
      assign up_rstn = s_axi_aresetn;
      // processor read interface
      always @(negedge up_rstn or posedge up_clk) begin
        if (up_rstn == 0) begin
          up_wack <= 'd0;
          up_rack <= 'd0;
          up_rdata <= 'd0;
        end else begin
          up_wack <= up_wack_rx_s | up_wack_tx_s | up_wack_tdd_s;
          up_rack <= up_rack_rx_s | up_rack_tx_s | up_rack_tdd_s;
          up_rdata <= up_rdata_rx_s | up_rdata_tx_s | up_rdata_tdd_s;
      // device interface
      if (CMOS_OR_LVDS_N == 1) begin
      assign tx_clk_out_p = 1'd0;
      assign tx_clk_out_n = 1'd1;
      assign tx_frame_out_p = 1'd0;
      assign tx_frame_out_n = 1'd0;
      assign tx_data_out_p = 6'h00;
      assign tx_data_out_n = 6'h3f;
      axi_ad9361_cmos_if #(
      i_dev_if (
        .rx_clk_in (rx_clk_in),
        .rx_frame_in (rx_frame_in),
        .rx_data_in (rx_data_in),
        .tx_clk_out (tx_clk_out),
        .tx_frame_out (tx_frame_out),
        .tx_data_out (tx_data_out),
        .enable (enable),
        .txnrx (txnrx),
        .rst (rst),
        .clk (clk),
        .l_clk (l_clk),
        .adc_valid (adc_valid_s),
        .adc_data (adc_data_s),
        .adc_status (adc_status_s),
        .adc_r1_mode (adc_r1_mode),
        .adc_ddr_edgesel (adc_ddr_edgesel_s),
        .dac_valid (dac_valid_s),
        .dac_data (dac_data_s),
        .dac_clksel (dac_clksel_s),
        .dac_r1_mode (dac_r1_mode),
        .tdd_enable (tdd_enable_s),
        .tdd_txnrx (tdd_txnrx_s),
        .tdd_mode (tdd_mode_s),
        .mmcm_rst (mmcm_rst),
        .up_clk (up_clk),
        .up_rstn (up_rstn),
        .up_enable (up_enable),
        .up_txnrx (up_txnrx),
        .up_adc_dld (up_adc_dld_s),
        .up_adc_dwdata (up_adc_dwdata_s),
        .up_adc_drdata (up_adc_drdata_s),
        .up_dac_dld (up_dac_dld_s),
        .up_dac_dwdata (up_dac_dwdata_s),
        .up_dac_drdata (up_dac_drdata_s),
        .delay_clk (delay_clk),
        .delay_rst (delay_rst),
        .delay_locked (delay_locked_s),
        .up_drp_sel (up_drp_sel),
        .up_drp_wr (up_drp_wr),
        .up_drp_addr (up_drp_addr),
        .up_drp_wdata (up_drp_wdata),
        .up_drp_rdata (up_drp_rdata),
        .up_drp_ready (up_drp_ready),
      if (CMOS_OR_LVDS_N == 0) begin
      assign tx_clk_out = 1'd0;
      assign tx_frame_out = 1'd0;
      assign tx_data_out = 12'd0;
      assign up_adc_drdata_s[64:35] = 30'd0;
      assign up_dac_drdata_s[79:50] = 30'd0;
      axi_ad9361_lvds_if #(
      i_dev_if (
        .rx_clk_in_p (rx_clk_in_p),
        .rx_clk_in_n (rx_clk_in_n),
        .rx_frame_in_p (rx_frame_in_p),
        .rx_frame_in_n (rx_frame_in_n),
        .rx_data_in_p (rx_data_in_p),
        .rx_data_in_n (rx_data_in_n),
        .tx_clk_out_p (tx_clk_out_p),
        .tx_clk_out_n (tx_clk_out_n),
        .tx_frame_out_p (tx_frame_out_p),
        .tx_frame_out_n (tx_frame_out_n),
        .tx_data_out_p (tx_data_out_p),
        .tx_data_out_n (tx_data_out_n),
        .enable (enable),
        .txnrx (txnrx),
        .rst (rst),
        .clk (clk),
        .l_clk (l_clk),
        .adc_valid (adc_valid_s),
        .adc_data (adc_data_s),
        .adc_status (adc_status_s),
        .adc_r1_mode (adc_r1_mode),
        .adc_ddr_edgesel (adc_ddr_edgesel_s),
        .dac_valid (dac_valid_s),
        .dac_data (dac_data_s),
        .dac_clksel (dac_clksel_s),
        .dac_r1_mode (dac_r1_mode),
        .tdd_enable (tdd_enable_s),
        .tdd_txnrx (tdd_txnrx_s),
        .tdd_mode (tdd_mode_s),
        .mmcm_rst (mmcm_rst),
        .up_clk (up_clk),
        .up_rstn (up_rstn),
        .up_enable (up_enable),
        .up_txnrx (up_txnrx),
        .up_adc_dld (up_adc_dld_s[6:0]),
        .up_adc_dwdata (up_adc_dwdata_s[34:0]),
        .up_adc_drdata (up_adc_drdata_s[34:0]),
        .up_dac_dld (up_dac_dld_s[9:0]),
        .up_dac_dwdata (up_dac_dwdata_s[49:0]),
        .up_dac_drdata (up_dac_drdata_s[49:0]),
        .delay_clk (delay_clk),
        .delay_rst (delay_rst),
        .delay_locked (delay_locked_s),
        .up_drp_sel (up_drp_sel),
        .up_drp_wr (up_drp_wr),
        .up_drp_addr (up_drp_addr),
        .up_drp_wdata (up_drp_wdata),
        .up_drp_rdata (up_drp_rdata),
        .up_drp_ready (up_drp_ready),
      assign adc_valid_i0 = adc_valid_i0_int;
      assign adc_valid_q0 = adc_valid_q0_int;
      assign adc_valid_i1 = adc_valid_i1_int;
      assign adc_valid_q1 = adc_valid_q1_int;
      always @(posedge clk) begin
        adc_valid_i0_int <= tdd_rx_valid_s & adc_valid_i0_s;
        adc_valid_q0_int <= tdd_rx_valid_s & adc_valid_q0_s;
        adc_valid_i1_int <= tdd_rx_valid_s & adc_valid_i1_s;
        adc_valid_q1_int <= tdd_rx_valid_s & adc_valid_q1_s;
      assign adc_data_i0 = adc_data_i0_int;
      assign adc_data_q0 = adc_data_q0_int;
      assign adc_data_i1 = adc_data_i1_int;
      assign adc_data_q1 = adc_data_q1_int;
      always @(posedge clk) begin
        adc_data_i0_int <= adc_data_i0_s;
        adc_data_q0_int <= adc_data_q0_s;
        adc_data_i1_int <= adc_data_i1_s;
        adc_data_q1_int <= adc_data_q1_s;
      assign dac_valid_i0 = dac_valid_i0_int;
      assign dac_valid_q0 = dac_valid_q0_int;
      assign dac_valid_i1 = dac_valid_i1_int;
      assign dac_valid_q1 = dac_valid_q1_int;
      always @(posedge clk) begin
        dac_valid_i0_int <= tdd_tx_valid_s & dac_valid_i0_s;
        dac_valid_q0_int <= tdd_tx_valid_s & dac_valid_q0_s;
        dac_valid_i1_int <= tdd_tx_valid_s & dac_valid_i1_s;
        dac_valid_q1_int <= tdd_tx_valid_s & dac_valid_q1_s;
      // tdd
      if (TDD_DISABLE == 1) begin
      assign tdd_enable_s = 1'b0;
      assign tdd_txnrx_s = 1'b0;
      assign tdd_txnrx_s = 1'b0;
      assign tdd_mode_s = 1'b0;
      assign tdd_rx_vco_en_s = 1'b0;
      assign tdd_tx_vco_en_s = 1'b0;
      assign tdd_rx_rf_en_s = 1'b0;
      assign tdd_tx_rf_en_s = 1'b0;
      assign tdd_status_s = 8'd0;
      assign tdd_sync_cntr  = 1'b0;
      assign tdd_tx_valid_s = 1'b1;
      assign tdd_rx_valid_s = 1'b1;
      assign up_wack_tdd_s  = 1'b0;
      assign up_rack_tdd_s  = 1'b0;
      assign up_rdata_tdd_s = 32'b0;
      if (TDD_DISABLE == 0) begin
      axi_ad9361_tdd_if #(.LEVEL_OR_PULSE_N(1)) i_tdd_if (
        .clk (clk),
        .rst (rst),
        .tdd_rx_vco_en (tdd_rx_vco_en_s),
        .tdd_tx_vco_en (tdd_tx_vco_en_s),
        .tdd_rx_rf_en (tdd_rx_rf_en_s),
        .tdd_tx_rf_en (tdd_tx_rf_en_s),
        .ad9361_txnrx (tdd_txnrx_s),
        .ad9361_enable (tdd_enable_s),
        .ad9361_tdd_status (tdd_status_s));
      axi_ad9361_tdd i_tdd (
        .clk (clk),
        .rst (rst),
        .tdd_rx_vco_en (tdd_rx_vco_en_s),
        .tdd_tx_vco_en (tdd_tx_vco_en_s),
        .tdd_rx_rf_en (tdd_rx_rf_en_s),
        .tdd_tx_rf_en (tdd_tx_rf_en_s),
        .tdd_enabled (tdd_mode_s),
        .tdd_status (tdd_status_s),
        .tdd_sync (tdd_sync),
        .tdd_sync_cntr (tdd_sync_cntr),
        .tdd_tx_valid (tdd_tx_valid_s),
        .tdd_rx_valid (tdd_rx_valid_s),
        .up_rstn (up_rstn),
        .up_clk (up_clk),
        .up_wreq (up_wreq_s),
        .up_waddr (up_waddr_s),
        .up_wdata (up_wdata_s),
        .up_wack (up_wack_tdd_s),
        .up_rreq (up_rreq_s),
        .up_raddr (up_raddr_s),
        .up_rdata (up_rdata_tdd_s),
        .up_rack (up_rack_tdd_s));
      generate if (PPS_RECEIVER_ENABLE == 1) begin
        // GPS's PPS receiver
        ad_pps_receiver i_pps_receiver (
          .clk (clk),
          .rst (rst),
          .gps_pps (gps_pps),
          .up_clk (up_clk),
          .up_rstn (up_rstn),
          .up_pps_rcounter (up_pps_rcounter_s),
          .up_pps_status (up_pps_status_s),
          .up_irq_mask (up_irq_mask_s),
          .up_irq (gps_pps_irq));
        assign up_irq_mask_s = adc_up_pps_irq_mask_s | dac_up_pps_irq_mask_s;
      generate if (PPS_RECEIVER_ENABLE == 0) begin
        assign up_pps_rcounter_s = 32'b0;
        assign up_pps_status_s = 1'b1;
        assign gps_pps_irq = 1'b0;
      // receive
      axi_ad9361_rx #(
        .ID (ID),
        .MODE_1R1T (MODE_1R1T),
      i_rx (
        .mmcm_rst (mmcm_rst),
        .adc_rst (rst),
        .adc_clk (clk),
        .adc_valid (adc_valid_s),
        .adc_data (adc_data_s),
        .adc_status (adc_status_s),
        .adc_r1_mode (adc_r1_mode),
        .adc_ddr_edgesel (adc_ddr_edgesel_s),
        .dac_data (dac_data_s),
        .up_dld (up_adc_dld_s),
        .up_dwdata (up_adc_dwdata_s),
        .up_drdata (up_adc_drdata_s),
        .delay_clk (delay_clk),
        .delay_rst (delay_rst),
        .delay_locked (delay_locked_s),
        .adc_enable_i0 (adc_enable_i0),
        .adc_valid_i0 (adc_valid_i0_s),
        .adc_data_i0 (adc_data_i0_s),
        .adc_enable_q0 (adc_enable_q0),
        .adc_valid_q0 (adc_valid_q0_s),
        .adc_data_q0 (adc_data_q0_s),
        .adc_enable_i1 (adc_enable_i1),
        .adc_valid_i1 (adc_valid_i1_s),
        .adc_data_i1 (adc_data_i1_s),
        .adc_enable_q1 (adc_enable_q1),
        .adc_valid_q1 (adc_valid_q1_s),
        .adc_data_q1 (adc_data_q1_s),
        .adc_dovf (adc_dovf),
        .up_adc_gpio_in (up_adc_gpio_in),
        .up_adc_gpio_out (up_adc_gpio_out),
        .up_pps_rcounter (up_pps_rcounter_s),
        .up_pps_status (up_pps_status_s),
        .up_pps_irq_mask (adc_up_pps_irq_mask_s),
        .up_rstn (up_rstn),
        .up_clk (up_clk),
        .up_wreq (up_wreq_s),
        .up_waddr (up_waddr_s),
        .up_wdata (up_wdata_s),
        .up_wack (up_wack_rx_s),
        .up_rreq (up_rreq_s),
        .up_raddr (up_raddr_s),
        .up_rdata (up_rdata_rx_s),
        .up_rack (up_rack_rx_s),
        .up_drp_sel (up_drp_sel),
        .up_drp_wr (up_drp_wr),
        .up_drp_addr (up_drp_addr),
        .up_drp_wdata (up_drp_wdata),
        .up_drp_rdata (up_drp_rdata),
        .up_drp_ready (up_drp_ready),
      // transmit
      axi_ad9361_tx #(
        .ID (ID),
        .MODE_1R1T (MODE_1R1T),
      i_tx (
        .dac_clk (clk),
        .dac_valid (dac_valid_s),
        .dac_data (dac_data_s),
        .dac_clksel (dac_clksel_s),
        .dac_r1_mode (dac_r1_mode),
        .adc_data (adc_data_s),
        .up_dld (up_dac_dld_s),
        .up_dwdata (up_dac_dwdata_s),
        .up_drdata (up_dac_drdata_s),
        .delay_clk (delay_clk),
        .delay_rst (),
        .delay_locked (delay_locked_s),
        .dac_sync_in (dac_sync_in),
        .dac_sync_out (dac_sync_out),
        .dac_enable_i0 (dac_enable_i0),
        .dac_valid_i0 (dac_valid_i0_s),
        .dac_data_i0 (dac_data_i0),
        .dac_enable_q0 (dac_enable_q0),
        .dac_valid_q0 (dac_valid_q0_s),
        .dac_data_q0 (dac_data_q0),
        .dac_enable_i1 (dac_enable_i1),
        .dac_valid_i1 (dac_valid_i1_s),
        .dac_data_i1 (dac_data_i1),
        .dac_enable_q1 (dac_enable_q1),
        .dac_valid_q1 (dac_valid_q1_s),
        .dac_data_q1 (dac_data_q1),
        .up_pps_rcounter (up_pps_rcounter_s),
        .up_pps_status (up_pps_status_s),
        .up_pps_irq_mask (dac_up_pps_irq_mask_s),
        .up_dac_gpio_in (up_dac_gpio_in),
        .up_dac_gpio_out (up_dac_gpio_out),
        .up_rstn (up_rstn),
        .up_clk (up_clk),
        .up_wreq (up_wreq_s),
        .up_waddr (up_waddr_s),
        .up_wdata (up_wdata_s),
        .up_wack (up_wack_tx_s),
        .up_rreq (up_rreq_s),
        .up_raddr (up_raddr_s),
        .up_rdata (up_rdata_tx_s),
        .up_rack (up_rack_tx_s));
      // axi interface
      up_axi i_up_axi (
        .up_rstn (up_rstn),
        .up_clk (up_clk),
        .up_axi_awvalid (s_axi_awvalid),
        .up_axi_awaddr (s_axi_awaddr),
        .up_axi_awready (s_axi_awready),
        .up_axi_wvalid (s_axi_wvalid),
        .up_axi_wdata (s_axi_wdata),
        .up_axi_wstrb (s_axi_wstrb),
        .up_axi_wready (s_axi_wready),
        .up_axi_bvalid (s_axi_bvalid),
        .up_axi_bresp (s_axi_bresp),
        .up_axi_bready (s_axi_bready),
        .up_axi_arvalid (s_axi_arvalid),
        .up_axi_araddr (s_axi_araddr),
        .up_axi_arready (s_axi_arready),
        .up_axi_rvalid (s_axi_rvalid),
        .up_axi_rresp (s_axi_rresp),
        .up_axi_rdata (s_axi_rdata),
        .up_axi_rready (s_axi_rready),
        .up_wreq (up_wreq_s),
        .up_waddr (up_waddr_s),
        .up_wdata (up_wdata_s),
        .up_wack (up_wack),
        .up_rreq (up_rreq_s),
        .up_raddr (up_raddr_s),
        .up_rdata (up_rdata),
        .up_rack (up_rack));
    // ***************************************************************************
    // ***************************************************************************

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Apr 20, 2021 5:04 AM in reply to Nadheema

    step 1)  Apply the patch to the axi_ad9361 as is (the file attached);  This will add a new parameter to the IP that you can set differently in each instance of the IP.

    step 2) You need to set the parameter in the block design/top level file where you instantiate the two axi_ad9361   


  • Thank you ! I did as you asked. So now I could change the parameter in the block design/top level. But I have the following error : 

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Apr 20, 2021 9:00 AM in reply to Nadheema

    For the IP where you set the IODELAY_CTRL to zero, make sure to set the IODELAY_GROUP to the same value as the other IP that has IODELAY_CTRL to one.

    In your case dev_0_if_delay_group.


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