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ADRV9361-Z7035 revision F2 and PCB changes: incompatible with previous revisions


recently we ordered a batch of ADRV9361-Z7035, we have to employ these boards in our custom designed enclosure.

New boards came with rev "F2", and placement of several components has been changed.

I tried to find designs of newer release, but I didn't found it because official "user guide" web pages point here (only schematic is present):

Then I searched with Google for this F2 revision, and accidentally found:

Why two pages for the same purpose, updated by different persons? This is really confusing. 

Anyway, new F2 boards doesn't fit because several components are now in different position, 

for instance:

- reset button is now in different position

- some ceramic capacitors has been added near a screw hole, they are so close that mechanical retention could be a big problem now, there's risk of short circuit. 

This is a major problem now!

I would understand why Analog decided to change without notice mechanical constraint of the board.

The position of the capacitors is particularly annoying, I suppose a designer shall avoid to place components near screw holes without proper standoff. 



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