Settings to be done in hdl 2018_r2 for 491MHz profile


We have been working with ADRV9009 hdl design 2018_r2 with 100MHz profile.

Now I want to upgrade the design so that it can work at 400MHz profile.

It seem like ill have to re-build the hdl after updating few parameters like

set RX_OS_SAMPLES_PER_CHANNEL 2 ; # L * 32 / (M * N)

to get the ORx working at 400MHz.

As mentioned in this post

The issue is I am not able to find these parameters in common/adrv9009_bd.tcl

How can this be solved?

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  • Hi

    Please clarify this point.

    I even tried to write this register using a c code with this command:

    iio_device_reg_write(dev, 0x44, 2);

    It doesn't throw any error.

    But when I go back and check the value in the register I get this.

    root@analog:~# iio_reg axi-adrv9009-rx1-hpc 0x0044

    Or is there a way where I can set it in the HDL itself?

    Please check and let me know how can I fix this.