Version Compatibility Issue

I am using HDL_2019_R1 reference design(Linux 2019_R1)  with Vivado18.3 on ADRV9364-7020 RF SOM. I am able to configure the RF SOM but IIO crashes everytime I try to see the spectrum. When I am using HDL_2918_R2 reference design(Linux 2018_R2) with Vivado18.2 on same board everthing is woking well. Is this error because of compatibility issue or something else?

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Nov 23, 2020 7:49 AM 3 months ago in reply to STak 841

    "Yes IIO crashes on the device on my computer, it works fine with HDL_2018_R2 and Linux 2018-R2 on the SD card. " - Sorry, but it's not clear for me. Does IIO crash on the device or on your computer, or both?

    If it's not working on the device, but it works on your computer, try to run an to update the applications on the SD card. Or try to reinstall the IIO Oscilloscope. 

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