FMCOMMS5 Calibration and MCS Sync

I am using the 2019_r1 reference design for a FMCOMMS5 with a ZC706 carrier.  I am trying to gain a better understanding of what actions are taken at the firmware and physical device (AD9361) levels when utilizing the IIO Oscilloscope AD936X Advanced tab shown below.  Specifically, I want to understand what occurs when MCS Sync and Calibrate are selected.  I have observed ADC "valid" signals align and Tx Phase is set to a value when MCS Sync is selected.  What is Tx Phase and how does it relate to MCS Sync?  If Tx Phase is manually adjusted, I can observe the ADC "valid" signals becoming out of phase.  Chip B ADC "valids" may even stop pulsing high.  Why?  Do either of these options adjust the I/O delays in the digital interface to the AD9361 devices?

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