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AD9671 based on DAQ2 and DAQ3 reference design

Hi all

I first posted this question in high-speed ADC forum, yet was adviced to try here as well.

I'm trying to interface my fpga (ultrascale+) to some AD9675 chipsets (so JESD204b devices). 

If I look at the example designs/projects, I get a bit confused, e.g. DAQ3 for zcu102 design:

  1. If I'm correct I guess you could call the util_adxcvr together with axi_adxcvr the instantiation of the high speed lanes
  2. then the receiving channels go ADI JESD204C receive axi interface and ADI JESD204 Receive IP: JESD204B PHY
  3. Then the signals from the PHY go to the JESD204 Transport layer for ADCs, why not use the AD9680 IP block here??
  4. The outgoing signals go to a cpack then to DMA.(as a fifo), yey in DAQ2 (zcu102) there's a separate ADC FIFO going to the DMA (here as a streaming interface).
    1. What's the difference (cpack to DMA FIFO vs CPACK to ADC FIFO to DMA stream), since both use the AD9680 IC and the same fpga?

For the AD9671/9675 design then, I think I need to copy step 1 and 2, yet alter the transportation layer with the AD9671 IP block.

The output of this IP block goes into a CPACK (8channels) then to DMA. Is this what's supposed to be the correct flow? In attach I have a picture of the IP blocks (for 2 lane setup)

Lots of thanks on any input!



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