zc706 with ad9136-fmc-ebz Signal only being generated on 1 channel

I am attempting to get a no-os zc706 with ad9136-fmc-ebz generating signals onto both outputs. I am using the Analog Device reference HDL design. I have got to the point where I can inject my own user data and see the generated signal on "OUT0" (J17 of ad9136-fmc-ebz). I can change the user data in real time and watch it change on the o-scope, and the rates seem correct for my clock speeds.

However, I am also injecting the data for "OUT1", but the output for this channel is always a flat line (I believe I should see this signal on J5 of ad9136-fmc-ebz, contrary to the schematic labeling since it recycled the PCB from AD9144). 

Any suggestions for debugging this issue? I have a register dump below for the AD9136 spi registers, the analog device axi_jesd204_tx, as well as the analog device jesd204_tpl_dac.

1 GSPS per channel (2 GSPS total)

Root Oscillator: 250.0 MHz
DAC SYSREF: 15.625 MHz


JESD204B Settings:
"Mode 11" : M(TX)=2, M(RX)=1, L(TX)=8,
L(RX)=4, S=2, F=1, HD=1, N=16, Np=16

Register dump:

AD9136: Addr=0x0000. Data=0x18
AD9136: Addr=0x0003. Data=0x04
AD9136: Addr=0x0004. Data=0x44
AD9136: Addr=0x0005. Data=0x91
AD9136: Addr=0x0006. Data=0x68
AD9136: Addr=0x0008. Data=0x03
AD9136: Addr=0x000a. Data=0x00
AD9136: Addr=0x0011. Data=0x28
AD9136: Addr=0x0012. Data=0x00
AD9136: Addr=0x0013. Data=0x20
AD9136: Addr=0x0014. Data=0x88
AD9136: Addr=0x001f. Data=0x00
AD9136: Addr=0x0020. Data=0x00
AD9136: Addr=0x0021. Data=0x00
AD9136: Addr=0x0022. Data=0x00
AD9136: Addr=0x0023. Data=0x14
AD9136: Addr=0x0024. Data=0x00
AD9136: Addr=0x0025. Data=0x00
AD9136: Addr=0x0026. Data=0x00
AD9136: Addr=0x0030. Data=0x00
AD9136: Addr=0x0034. Data=0x03
AD9136: Addr=0x0038. Data=0x00
AD9136: Addr=0x0039. Data=0x00
AD9136: Addr=0x003a. Data=0x81
AD9136: Addr=0x003b. Data=0x09
AD9136: Addr=0x003c. Data=0xfe
AD9136: Addr=0x003d. Data=0x01
AD9136: Addr=0x0040. Data=0x00
AD9136: Addr=0x0041. Data=0x00
AD9136: Addr=0x0044. Data=0x00
AD9136: Addr=0x0045. Data=0x00
AD9136: Addr=0x0080. Data=0x00
AD9136: Addr=0x0081. Data=0x00
AD9136: Addr=0x0082. Data=0x00
AD9136: Addr=0x0083. Data=0x10
AD9136: Addr=0x0084. Data=0x22
AD9136: Addr=0x0085. Data=0x08
AD9136: Addr=0x0087. Data=0x62
AD9136: Addr=0x0088. Data=0xc9
AD9136: Addr=0x0089. Data=0x0e
AD9136: Addr=0x008a. Data=0x12
AD9136: Addr=0x008b. Data=0x02
AD9136: Addr=0x008c. Data=0x01
AD9136: Addr=0x008d. Data=0x7b
AD9136: Addr=0x00e2. Data=0x00
AD9136: Addr=0x00e7. Data=0x30
AD9136: Addr=0x00e8. Data=0x05
AD9136: Addr=0x00e9. Data=0x43
AD9136: Addr=0x00ed. Data=0xa2
AD9136: Addr=0x0110. Data=0x00
AD9136: Addr=0x0111. Data=0xa0
AD9136: Addr=0x0112. Data=0x00
AD9136: Addr=0x011f. Data=0x83
AD9136: Addr=0x0121. Data=0x0f
AD9136: Addr=0x0122. Data=0x00
AD9136: Addr=0x0123. Data=0xff
AD9136: Addr=0x0124. Data=0xff
AD9136: Addr=0x012d. Data=0x8b
AD9136: Addr=0x012f. Data=0x20
AD9136: Addr=0x0132. Data=0x00
AD9136: Addr=0x0133. Data=0x00
AD9136: Addr=0x0134. Data=0x00
AD9136: Addr=0x0135. Data=0x00
AD9136: Addr=0x0136. Data=0x00
AD9136: Addr=0x0137. Data=0x00
AD9136: Addr=0x013a. Data=0x00
AD9136: Addr=0x013c. Data=0xea
AD9136: Addr=0x013d. Data=0x0a
AD9136: Addr=0x0140. Data=0x04
AD9136: Addr=0x0141. Data=0x00
AD9136: Addr=0x0142. Data=0x09
AD9136: Addr=0x0143. Data=0x00
AD9136: Addr=0x0146. Data=0x01
AD9136: Addr=0x0147. Data=0xc0
AD9136: Addr=0x014b. Data=0xc5
AD9136: Addr=0x014c. Data=0x00
AD9136: Addr=0x01b0. Data=0x00
AD9136: Addr=0x01b5. Data=0x89
AD9136: Addr=0x01b9. Data=0x24
AD9136: Addr=0x01bb. Data=0x13
AD9136: Addr=0x01bc. Data=0x0d
AD9136: Addr=0x01be. Data=0x02
AD9136: Addr=0x01bf. Data=0x8e
AD9136: Addr=0x01c0. Data=0x2a
AD9136: Addr=0x01c1. Data=0x2a
AD9136: Addr=0x01c4. Data=0x7e
AD9136: Addr=0x01c5. Data=0x06
AD9136: Addr=0x0200. Data=0x00
AD9136: Addr=0x0201. Data=0x00
AD9136: Addr=0x0203. Data=0x00
AD9136: Addr=0x0206. Data=0x01
AD9136: Addr=0x0230. Data=0x08
AD9136: Addr=0x0232. Data=0xff
AD9136: Addr=0x0268. Data=0x62
AD9136: Addr=0x0280. Data=0x01
AD9136: Addr=0x0281. Data=0x0b
AD9136: Addr=0x0284. Data=0x62
AD9136: Addr=0x0285. Data=0xc9
AD9136: Addr=0x0286. Data=0x0e
AD9136: Addr=0x0287. Data=0x12
AD9136: Addr=0x0289. Data=0x05
AD9136: Addr=0x028a. Data=0x7b
AD9136: Addr=0x028b. Data=0x00
AD9136: Addr=0x0290. Data=0x89
AD9136: Addr=0x0294. Data=0x24
AD9136: Addr=0x0296. Data=0x03
AD9136: Addr=0x0297. Data=0x0d
AD9136: Addr=0x0299. Data=0x02
AD9136: Addr=0x029a. Data=0x8e
AD9136: Addr=0x029c. Data=0x2a
AD9136: Addr=0x029f. Data=0x78
AD9136: Addr=0x02a0. Data=0x06
AD9136: Addr=0x02a4. Data=0xff
AD9136: Addr=0x02a5. Data=0x00
AD9136: Addr=0x02a7. Data=0x01
AD9136: Addr=0x02aa. Data=0xb7
AD9136: Addr=0x02ab. Data=0x87
AD9136: Addr=0x02ae. Data=0x01
AD9136: Addr=0x02b1. Data=0xb7
AD9136: Addr=0x02b2. Data=0x87
AD9136: Addr=0x0300. Data=0x41
AD9136: Addr=0x0301. Data=0x01
AD9136: Addr=0x0302. Data=0x04
AD9136: Addr=0x0303. Data=0x04
AD9136: Addr=0x0304. Data=0x00
AD9136: Addr=0x0305. Data=0x00
AD9136: Addr=0x0306. Data=0x0a
AD9136: Addr=0x0307. Data=0x0a
AD9136: Addr=0x0308. Data=0x08
AD9136: Addr=0x0309. Data=0x1a
AD9136: Addr=0x030a. Data=0x2c
AD9136: Addr=0x030b. Data=0x3e
AD9136: Addr=0x030c. Data=0x00
AD9136: Addr=0x030d. Data=0x00
AD9136: Addr=0x0312. Data=0x00
AD9136: Addr=0x0314. Data=0x01
AD9136: Addr=0x0315. Data=0x00
AD9136: Addr=0x0316. Data=0x00
AD9136: Addr=0x0317. Data=0x00
AD9136: Addr=0x0318. Data=0x00
AD9136: Addr=0x0319. Data=0x00
AD9136: Addr=0x031a. Data=0x00
AD9136: Addr=0x031b. Data=0x00
AD9136: Addr=0x031c. Data=0x00
AD9136: Addr=0x031d. Data=0xff
AD9136: Addr=0x032c. Data=0x00
AD9136: Addr=0x032d. Data=0x00
AD9136: Addr=0x032e. Data=0x00
AD9136: Addr=0x032f. Data=0x00
AD9136: Addr=0x0333. Data=0x01
AD9136: Addr=0x0334. Data=0x0f
AD9136: Addr=0x0400. Data=0xab
AD9136: Addr=0x0401. Data=0x02
AD9136: Addr=0x0402. Data=0x00
AD9136: Addr=0x0403. Data=0x07
AD9136: Addr=0x0404. Data=0x00
AD9136: Addr=0x0405. Data=0x1f
AD9136: Addr=0x0406. Data=0x01
AD9136: Addr=0x0407. Data=0x0f
AD9136: Addr=0x0408. Data=0x2f
AD9136: Addr=0x0409. Data=0x21
AD9136: Addr=0x040a. Data=0x80
AD9136: Addr=0x040b. Data=0x00
AD9136: Addr=0x040c. Data=0x00
AD9136: Addr=0x040d. Data=0xb3
AD9136: Addr=0x040e. Data=0xb3
AD9136: Addr=0x0412. Data=0x01
AD9136: Addr=0x0415. Data=0xb4
AD9136: Addr=0x0416. Data=0xb4
AD9136: Addr=0x041a. Data=0x02
AD9136: Addr=0x041d. Data=0xb5
AD9136: Addr=0x041e. Data=0xb5
AD9136: Addr=0x0422. Data=0x03
AD9136: Addr=0x0425. Data=0xb6
AD9136: Addr=0x0426. Data=0xb6
AD9136: Addr=0x042a. Data=0x04
AD9136: Addr=0x042d. Data=0xb7
AD9136: Addr=0x042e. Data=0xb7
AD9136: Addr=0x0432. Data=0x05
AD9136: Addr=0x0435. Data=0xb8
AD9136: Addr=0x0436. Data=0xb8
AD9136: Addr=0x043a. Data=0x06
AD9136: Addr=0x043d. Data=0xb9
AD9136: Addr=0x043e. Data=0xb9
AD9136: Addr=0x0442. Data=0x07
AD9136: Addr=0x0445. Data=0xba
AD9136: Addr=0x0446. Data=0xba
AD9136: Addr=0x0450. Data=0xab
AD9136: Addr=0x0451. Data=0x02
AD9136: Addr=0x0452. Data=0x00
AD9136: Addr=0x0453. Data=0x03
AD9136: Addr=0x0454. Data=0x00
AD9136: Addr=0x0455. Data=0x1f
AD9136: Addr=0x0456. Data=0x00
AD9136: Addr=0x0457. Data=0x0f
AD9136: Addr=0x0458. Data=0x2f
AD9136: Addr=0x0459. Data=0x21
AD9136: Addr=0x045a. Data=0x80
AD9136: Addr=0x045b. Data=0x00
AD9136: Addr=0x045c. Data=0x00
AD9136: Addr=0x045d. Data=0xb3
AD9136: Addr=0x046b. Data=0x00
AD9136: Addr=0x046b. Data=0x00
AD9136: Addr=0x046c. Data=0xff
AD9136: Addr=0x046d. Data=0x00
AD9136: Addr=0x046d. Data=0x00
AD9136: Addr=0x046e. Data=0x00
AD9136: Addr=0x046e. Data=0x00
AD9136: Addr=0x046f. Data=0x00
AD9136: Addr=0x046f. Data=0x00
AD9136: Addr=0x0470. Data=0xff
AD9136: Addr=0x0471. Data=0xff
AD9136: Addr=0x0472. Data=0xff
AD9136: Addr=0x0473. Data=0xff
AD9136: Addr=0x0476. Data=0x01
AD9136: Addr=0x0477. Data=0x00
AD9136: Addr=0x0478. Data=0x01
AD9136: Addr=0x047a. Data=0x00
AD9136: Addr=0x047a. Data=0x00
AD9136: Addr=0x047b. Data=0x18
AD9136: Addr=0x047c. Data=0xff
AD9136: Addr=0x047d. Data=0xff
AD9136: Addr=0x047e. Data=0x00
AD9136: Addr=0x0520. Data=0x1c
AD9136: Addr=0x0521. Data=0x00
AD9136: Addr=0x0522. Data=0x00

JESD204_TX: Addr=0x0000. Data=0x00010361
JESD204_TX: Addr=0x0004. Data=0x00000000
JESD204_TX: Addr=0x0008. Data=0x00000000
JESD204_TX: Addr=0x000c. Data=0x32303454
JESD204_TX: Addr=0x0010. Data=0x00000008
JESD204_TX: Addr=0x0014. Data=0x00000002
JESD204_TX: Addr=0x0018. Data=0x00000101
JESD204_TX: Addr=0x0080. Data=0x00000000
JESD204_TX: Addr=0x0084. Data=0x00000000
JESD204_TX: Addr=0x0088. Data=0x00000000
JESD204_TX: Addr=0x00c0. Data=0x00000000
JESD204_TX: Addr=0x00c4. Data=0x00000000
JESD204_TX: Addr=0x00c8. Data=0x00028003
JESD204_TX: Addr=0x0100. Data=0x00000000
JESD204_TX: Addr=0x0104. Data=0x00000000
JESD204_TX: Addr=0x0108. Data=0x00000001
JESD204_TX: Addr=0x0200. Data=0x00000000
JESD204_TX: Addr=0x0210. Data=0x0000001f
JESD204_TX: Addr=0x0214. Data=0x00000001
JESD204_TX: Addr=0x0218. Data=0x00000000
JESD204_TX: Addr=0x0240. Data=0x00000000
JESD204_TX: Addr=0x0244. Data=0x00000003
JESD204_TX: Addr=0x0248. Data=0x00000000
JESD204_TX: Addr=0x0280. Data=0x00000013
JESD204_TX: Addr=0x0310. Data=0x02ab0000
JESD204_TX: Addr=0x0314. Data=0x1f000700
JESD204_TX: Addr=0x0318. Data=0x212f0f01
JESD204_TX: Addr=0x031c. Data=0xb3000080
JESD204_TX: Addr=0x0330. Data=0x02ab0000
JESD204_TX: Addr=0x0334. Data=0x1f000701
JESD204_TX: Addr=0x0338. Data=0x212f0f01
JESD204_TX: Addr=0x033c. Data=0xb4000080
JESD204_TX: Addr=0x0350. Data=0x02ab0000
JESD204_TX: Addr=0x0354. Data=0x1f000702
JESD204_TX: Addr=0x0358. Data=0x212f0f01
JESD204_TX: Addr=0x035c. Data=0xb5000080
JESD204_TX: Addr=0x0370. Data=0x02ab0000
JESD204_TX: Addr=0x0374. Data=0x1f000703
JESD204_TX: Addr=0x0378. Data=0x212f0f01
JESD204_TX: Addr=0x037c. Data=0xb6000080
JESD204_TX: Addr=0x0390. Data=0x02ab0000
JESD204_TX: Addr=0x0394. Data=0x1f000704
JESD204_TX: Addr=0x0398. Data=0x212f0f01
JESD204_TX: Addr=0x039c. Data=0xb7000080
JESD204_TX: Addr=0x03b0. Data=0x02ab0000
JESD204_TX: Addr=0x03b4. Data=0x1f000705
JESD204_TX: Addr=0x03b8. Data=0x212f0f01
JESD204_TX: Addr=0x03bc. Data=0xb8000080
JESD204_TX: Addr=0x03d0. Data=0x02ab0000
JESD204_TX: Addr=0x03d4. Data=0x1f000706
JESD204_TX: Addr=0x03d8. Data=0x212f0f01
JESD204_TX: Addr=0x03dc. Data=0xb9000080
JESD204_TX: Addr=0x03f0. Data=0x02ab0000
JESD204_TX: Addr=0x03f4. Data=0x1f000707
JESD204_TX: Addr=0x03f8. Data=0x212f0f01
JESD204_TX: Addr=0x03fc. Data=0xba000080

JESD204_TPL: Addr=0x0000. Data=0x00090162
JESD204_TPL: Addr=0x0004. Data=0x00000000
JESD204_TPL: Addr=0x0008. Data=0x00000000
JESD204_TPL: Addr=0x000c. Data=0x00000001
JESD204_TPL: Addr=0x0010. Data=0x00000000
JESD204_TPL: Addr=0x001c. Data=0x00000000
JESD204_TPL: Addr=0x0040. Data=0x00000003
JESD204_TPL: Addr=0x0044. Data=0x00000000
JESD204_TPL: Addr=0x0048. Data=0x00000000
JESD204_TPL: Addr=0x004c. Data=0x00000001
JESD204_TPL: Addr=0x0050. Data=0x00000000
JESD204_TPL: Addr=0x0054. Data=0x00028003
JESD204_TPL: Addr=0x0058. Data=0x00000008
JESD204_TPL: Addr=0x005c. Data=0x00000001
JESD204_TPL: Addr=0x0060. Data=0x00000000
JESD204_TPL: Addr=0x0070. Data=0x00000000
JESD204_TPL: Addr=0x0074. Data=0x00020000
JESD204_TPL: Addr=0x0078. Data=0x00000000
JESD204_TPL: Addr=0x007c. Data=0x00000000
JESD204_TPL: Addr=0x0088. Data=0x00000000
JESD204_TPL: Addr=0x00a0. Data=0x00000002
JESD204_TPL: Addr=0x00b8. Data=0x00000000
JESD204_TPL: Addr=0x00bc. Data=0x00000000
JESD204_TPL: Addr=0x0200. Data=0x00000000
JESD204_TPL: Addr=0x0204. Data=0x00000001
JESD204_TPL: Addr=0x0240. Data=0x01020802
JESD204_TPL: Addr=0x0244. Data=0x00001010
JESD204_TPL: Addr=0x0400. Data=0x00000000
JESD204_TPL: Addr=0x0404. Data=0x00000000
JESD204_TPL: Addr=0x0408. Data=0x00000000
JESD204_TPL: Addr=0x040c. Data=0x00000000
JESD204_TPL: Addr=0x0410. Data=0x00000000
JESD204_TPL: Addr=0x0414. Data=0x00000000
JESD204_TPL: Addr=0x0418. Data=0x00000002
JESD204_TPL: Addr=0x041c. Data=0x00000000
JESD204_TPL: Addr=0x0420. Data=0x01001010
JESD204_TPL: Addr=0x0424. Data=0x00010001
JESD204_TPL: Addr=0x0428. Data=0x00000000
JESD204_TPL: Addr=0x0440. Data=0x00000000
JESD204_TPL: Addr=0x0444. Data=0x00000000
JESD204_TPL: Addr=0x0448. Data=0x00000000
JESD204_TPL: Addr=0x044c. Data=0x00000000
JESD204_TPL: Addr=0x0450. Data=0x00000000
JESD204_TPL: Addr=0x0454. Data=0x00000000
JESD204_TPL: Addr=0x0458. Data=0x00000000
JESD204_TPL: Addr=0x045c. Data=0x00000000
JESD204_TPL: Addr=0x0460. Data=0x01001010
JESD204_TPL: Addr=0x0464. Data=0x00010001
JESD204_TPL: Addr=0x0468. Data=0x00000000

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    JESD204_TPL: Addr=0x0458. Data=0x00000000

    This should be set to 2 as well you did for 0x0418;
    other case the data is outputted for that channel is not the DMA but the DDS tone which is not…

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