ADE7880 Initialization procedure

Hello EngineeringZone experts,
I am working on ADE7880 metering IC and I have an initialization problem. I have followed the following procedure:

1- Pull RESET PIN  to high
2- Pull  PM0 PIN to high (for normal mode operation)
3- Pull PM1 to Zero
4- wait for 200 ms
5- Toggle SS pin 3 times (high to low transition) with 1 us toggling time to select SPI communication
6- Read checksum registers and other registers to verify the good communication between the MCU and ADE7880.

****************************************SPI timing*****************************************
- CLK speed is 100KHz (also i have tried lower and higher speeds)
- clock is generated after pulling the CS with 1usec.

*************************************Debugging methods **************************
1- Check volts of ADE ---------- good
2- SPI signals              ---------- good
3- SPI figure match the datasheet figures in page 79.
*************************************The result **************************
The registers contents doesn't match the default values. (actually, Always I got 7 or 3 or Zero values).

did i miss anything? please help.

best regards