How to transmit QPSK data in No-OS

Hello everyone:

       I am using AD-FMCOMMS4-EBZ(AD9364)board with Xilinx Zynq ZC706 board and configuring it through No-OS driver. I have followed every step that has been given on your website ( just like you said,I dit it successful.

      But now,I have a confusion,That is:

      In linux OS,you offer me a QPSK Simulink model to generate QPSK data( and load it to IIO Scope,After running it I can get some QPSK informations,such as Spectrum Map and Constellation and so on.

      However,in No-OS,you just tell me a way to configure it,I dont konw how to generate QPSK data and load it to my ZC706 ,And how to use AD9364 that have performed configuration to transmit my custom QPSK data.Can you give me some document to learn or offer me some advise to complete it?