AD9364/Z7020 TXNRX/ENABLE pins not controlling AD9364


I am having trouble controlling the AD9364 ENSM using pin control level mode.

The hardware is a Picozed SDR 1x1 SOM Rev.C running custom HDL IP and no-OS software integrated into a custom RTOS architecture. I am currently tesing with the SOM breakout board.

The device initialises fine, and all registers can be set using the SPI interface, however when I try setting the AD9364 into Tx or Rx when using the pin control in level mode, the device just stays in ALERT mode.

I have checked the pin constraints from both the reference project and the schematics here: ADRV9361-Z7035 Hardware [Analog Devices Wiki], and they are correct.

I am 100% certain the custom IP works and as I have assigned an LED to each of the TXNRX and ENABLE pins and they toggle as expected, and the IP when compiled to run on a Zedboard with the same C software, it runs and controls the AD9364 (FMCOMMS-4) correctly. So I am certain it is NOT an issue with our custom IP.

I can transition the AD9364 into Tx/Rx modes using SPI writes, but not pin control. Here are the ENSM items from default_init_param;

/* ENSM Control */
0, //ensm_enable_pin_pulse_mode_enable *** adi,ensm-enable-pin-pulse-mode-enable
1, //ensm_enable_txnrx_control_enable *** adi,ensm-enable-txnrx-control-enable

Are there any known issues with using ENSM pin control on the Picozed SDR 1x1 SOM Rev.C?

Any help is much appreciated.



NOTE: the IP was originally designed on a Zedboard (Z7020-CLG484) and verified before it was changed/recompiled for the Picozed SDR 1x1 SOM (Z7020-CLG400).