Error in FPGA design of ADRV9371 for A10GX



Now, I go thru building and checking AD FPGA AD9371 project on my development kits Arria 10 GX and ADRV9371-W / PCBZ.


My current configuration is:


Project: hdl \ projects \ adrv9371x \ a10gx

Project brunch: Master

Nios project: no-OS \ ad9371 \ sw \

NIOS branch: 2016_R2

Quartus Prime: standard edition

Eclipse (comes with quartus): Kepler Service Release 2 Build id: 20140224-0627


I spent 2 days to debug the following error, which I found in platform_drivers.c downloaded from Git.


The symptom is: when NIOS wrote SPI configuration words to AD9528, they really get to AD9371. The reading is doing the same from AD9371. And vice versa.

The cause is: Wrong selection of CS signal in platform_drivers.c:




Here, no need to inverse (dev-> chip_select), because selection of active masters in slaveselect register of the Altera SPI Core is made by mask with positive logic:

CS definitions from platform_drivers.h are:

#define AD9528_CHIP_SELECT    2
#define AD9371_CHIP_SELECT    1

And this is right because of pin assignments on board.


Right selection of master CS is:




Now I go futher and get next error:

device-> rx-> rxAgcCtrl-> agcGainUpdateTime_us out of range in MYKONOS_setupRxAgc ()

Hope, it will not take much time to debug ...

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