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JESD204 IP core - build

Hi all,

I try build IP core for JESD204 from AD (

but I get message e.g.:

make: Entering directory '/home/tomas/Dokumenty/hdl-dev/library/jesd204/jesd204_rx' make -C ../../jesd204/jesd204_common/ make[1]: Entering directory '/home/tomas/Dokumenty/hdl-dev/library/jesd204/jesd204_common' rm -rf *.cache *.data *.xpr *.log component.xml *.jou xgui *.ip_user_files *.srcs *.hw *.sim .Xil vivado -mode batch -source jesd204_common_ip.tcl  >> jesd204_common_ip.log 2>&1 Makefile:45: recipe for target 'jesd204_common.xpr' failed make[1]: *** [jesd204_common.xpr] Error 127 make[1]: Leaving directory '/home/tomas/Dokumenty/hdl-dev/library/jesd204/jesd204_common' Makefile:65: recipe for target 'dep' failed make: *** [dep] Error 2 make: Leaving directory '/home/tomas/Dokumenty/hdl-dev/library/jesd204/jesd204_rx

I tried it under Linux and also under Win, Vivado 17.4 and also 14.2

Do you have some experiences with building IP cores from AD?

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