Can't change the IQ rate to 153.6MHz (2018_R2 HDL and NO OS FIles)

I am trying to change the IQ rate from the default 122.8MHz to 153.6MHz and having no luck. The only thing I have done is to change the myk.c, myk.h and myk_ad9528init.c files from the default to the one I obtained from the TES GUI. The code fails at

    status = axi_clkgen_set_rate(rx_clkgen, rx_div40_rate_hz);
    if (status != SUCCESS) {
        printf("error: %s: axi_clkgen_set_rate() failed\n", rx_clkgen->name);
        goto error_4;

I have a working code that works on the 2016_R2 files so there should be no problem in terms of Hardware.

I attached the myk files that I generated from TES GUI.